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2017 Safecast Report Pt 1
Part 1 of the Safecast Report 2017 "is now available for download as a print-quality PDF. The report has grown in size, and in contrast with previous years, we are making it available in sections for easier download and reading. A combined version will also be available. Section 2: Situation Report – Intro and 2.1- Issues at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Powerplant (FDNPP) will be available shortly, followed by sections on evacuees, the environment, food, and health.

Part 1: The Safecast Project Update, describes our activities, initiatives, milestones, new hardware and software, and everything else we’ve been up to through August 2017.  As before, it is a stand-alone document which includes some basic information about Safecast found in earlier editions of the report. We’re thrilled about the new cover design by Jory Felice, too.

Links for Part 1 can be found at the Safecast Report download page, or directly from the Safecast page at Slideshare:

Safecast Report 2017, Part 1: The Safecast Project Update

In addition, the Japanese translation of the Safecast Report 2016 is available for download as well.

Safecast Report 2016, Japanese translation" 

just pm me if needed.

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