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2016 Rad Filter Non-Op
In 2016 the filtration systems were not functional. TEPCO announced 14 Aug 2017 that between March 24 and 28, 2016, their radiation removal systems were not operational. During that period, TEPCO was dumping radioactive water into the ocean (port/harbor, whatever). Tweet with google translated report https://twitter.com/Cecalli_Helper/statu...4855650304

Content of report:

On deviations from the operational restrictions of contaminated water treatment equipment dating back to the past and declaration of return
August 14, 2017
August 14, 2017 TEPCO Holdings Corporation

Since it turned out that we were not satisfying the operational restrictions stipulated by Article 27 (Contaminated Water Treatment Equipment) of 1st Edition of Security of Specified Nuclear Facilities between 24th and 28th March 2016, today , Declared retroactive deviations from the driving restrictions and return. 

The details are as follows.

To ensure thoroughgoing facility stable operation of the residence water on the basement floor of the turbine buildings of Units 1 to 4, we are working on direct contaminated water treatment without going through the basement of the main process building of the centralized waste disposal facility and the high-temperature incinerator building We are planning construction of a system to transfer to the equipment.

In carrying out this construction, the second cesium adsorption unit is stopped, and only the cesium adsorption unit is in operation.

Regarding the contaminated water treatment facility, it is required that "one facility is operable" out of the cesium adsorption apparatus and the second cesium adsorption apparatus in the first section of section 27 of the safety of the specific nuclear facility, cesium adsorption Regarding equipment, we have 4 lines and 1 equipment.

Until now, we have judged that "1 facility is operable" if it is possible to return to 4 series as soon as possible even in the state of two series operation (*) using all four series of cesium adsorption devices, As a result of reconsideration in the plan of the construction work, it became an opinion that such a driving condition can not be regarded as "one facility is operable". 

* Cesium / strontium simultaneous adsorption operation to remove cesium and strontium in 2 series of cesium adsorption unit 4 series

Based on the same opinion, we investigated the state of operation of the contaminated water treatment facility in the past, and found out that the cesium adsorption equipment was all in the 4 series for the period from 8:25 am on March 24, 2016 to 11:15 on March 28 As a result of the above observation, it was found that the cesium adsorption device was not in the "operable" state and that all of the contaminated water treatment facilities were not operable.
just pm me if needed.

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