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MIT Climate CoLab 2017
In 2013 I won the Judges Choice award for my reforestation proposal for Cecalli Medicinal Farm and Clinic in Esteli, Nicaragua. The final winner was a technology-based system that analyzed heat loss from buildings.

This year, I've entered the Climate CoLab Adaptation contest with Climate: Acquisition of Resources & Distribution (CARD) - A Clearinghouse of global solutions to secure water, energy, health and security solutions in any country. CARD delivers relevant solutions.

I'm looking for team members with these skills and interests:
  • database development & management
  • policy development, management & outreach
  • resource managers, teachers, consultants
  • climate solutions technology developers & producers
  • funding/grantsmanship managers
  • liaison managers
See all of the contests: https://climatecolab.org/snp/socialnetwo...79ad9714cc
Jitsi chat: enfo.pia@gmail.com

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