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Free Fukushima Food
福島県産水産物 試食で安全性PR 東京 築地 www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20170722/k10011069211000.html includes video of the event... article does not detail radiation detection data.

Fukushima Prefecture Fishery Products Sample Tasting Safety PR Tokyo Tsukiji

July 22 12:05

"An event to promote the safety of having tastes of Fukushima prefecture produced seafood was held in Tsukiji, Tokyo.

This event opened the Fukushima Prefecture Fishery Cooperative Federation Federation of Fukushima Prefecture Fishery

Cooperative Federation to publicize the safety and taste of Fukushima prefecture's marine products to domestic and foreign visitors and market participants visiting the Tsukiji market in Tokyo.

At the venue established in the commercial facility near the Tsukiji market, three kinds of dishes are prepared: bonito "sashimi" taken off the coast of Fukushima prefecture, "baked raspberries" and "fried in Mexicali", free of charge to visitors He was behaving.

In the corner of the venue, a corner was set up to let the Fukushima prefecture know the current situation of fishery. In the inspection conducted by the prefecture for fishes and shellfishes off Fukushima Prefecture, the concentration of radioactive substances in the nation after April There was no specimen that exceeded the reference value, etc. were introduced.

A 60-year-old woman who visited from Chiba prefecture talked, "Usually I did not have much opportunity to purchase Fukushima's fishery products, but since I knew it was safe, I would like to support Fukushima by purchasing," .

Nobuko Nozaki, chairman of the Fukushima Prefecture Fishery Cooperative Federation, said, "I'd like to maintain the safety and transmit the taste of Fukushima's marine products.""
just pm me if needed.

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