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WEBCAM July 2017
Hi Horse, Pia - nice catch on the CPFP bottom light flare. It's becoming a wack-a-mole situation except tepco hides these increasing events with a crane or drawn in color filter. I see another unusual colorful flare up that you can barely see in your last photo only because it wasn't zoomed in. please see below: 
[attachment=1433] 9:46am 7-20-17
What are they burning back there?
[attachment=1434] 1:21pm 
Noticed Futaba webcam showed the plant was lit up at night on 23:02pm 7-16-17

By the way, think I captured a daylight spark 1:00pm 5-3-17
I found another webcam watcher called Organic Slant. He posted a video showing these white daytime sparks but he thinks they're UFO's, I'm guessing they are sparks. Although, he caught a really good "flying UFO" at the beginning of the video. Other good videos on Fuku there too. I've seen some unusual fuzzy dark shapes in the clouds and have no doubt ufo's are hanging out there. 

He's also a spark catcher like you Smile
Fukushima Is Fuming 6-17-2017 | Organic Slant

(07-21-2017, 07:20 PM)piajensen Wrote: To stay realistic - unless a UFO is proven beyond a doubt, I'm sticking with questions about unusual events. UFOs could be of earth origin, DARPA CIA whomever ... no solid evidence to contradict exists, publicly.

Sticking to what we know - unleashed radiation of multiple types is dangerous to all life.

Hi Pia - hmm, I firmly believe there is extraterrestrial life outside and inside our origin of earth. It is realistic to me and there is plenty of proof on the subject. Unidentified Flying Object is usually interpreted as out of this world alien but you're right it also could mean DARPA CIA or something else. I appreciate your thoughts and beliefs on the subject and wanting to stick with the subject of Fukushima but an unidentified flying object can be something we just can't identify. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you've said but the history of the Annunaki is a good example. 

    Unusual Flying Object 6:69m 6-13-16


test, wanted to see the pics, Cali please attach again if these don't show.


oops, on the end of page one. I have to try to keep up.

(07-21-2017, 05:59 PM)califnative Wrote: I've seen some unusual fuzzy dark shapes in the clouds and have no doubt ufo's are hanging out there. 
Did you catch the two smoke puffs at about 07-21 07:01 and 07:22? Dark fuzzy shapes are bugs moving over the lens. UFO's don't usually let us see them. They monitor Fuku from afar if they're smart. I think I've seen 'em fly by in the distance though. Orange things on r3 covering, seen 'em a couple times, not sure if outgassing or if an orange crane parked there, keep an eye on it. I keep an eye out for OrganicSlant too, thanks for posting latest video so I can watch. We have found daytime sparks but usually have some color, will try and check that recording sometime. I've been wandering off to other sites but glad you're picking up the slack.

I think UFO's might need a nuclear reactor to generate power. I think they give off sparks. Here's one I caught showing a spark and it was plain white.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Jec is still watching and noted some sparks.  I started looking and found sparks, just didn't have time for a long count.  Thanks jec, nice burst.  Six in six minutes, average one a minute is bad.  

07-20 193104 spark.bmp
07-20 193332 spark.bmp
07-20 193432 spark.bmp
07-20 193624 spark.bmp
07-20 193645 spark.bmp
07-20 193725 spark.bmp

Here's the first one.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
07-21 am, more smoke puffs, coming from the ocean side this time.  
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Hi Horse - those pictures show on page 1, don't know what happened on page 2. Posts seem to be a bit jumbled. Yes, I did see those puffs of smoke coming from the cranes engine (I think). Also saw the fog rolling in or smoke coming from the ocean side on cam4. Thought it was smoke but it seems to be fog, perhaps? UFO's are always a touchy subject, either you believe in them or not, no problem. Not here to convince anyone BUT the Annunaki Sumerians is worth looking into. I agree, that reddish color area on top of R3 could easily be a red crane, too blurry to confirm what it is. 

Thanks for all your recording sparks and webcam watching.


Often times disinformation campaigns embark on discrediting their target subjects by inserting questionable information into conversations. This is why I have a personal policy of staying clear of UFO talk. Filling the board with conjecture about clouds being UFOs, or hiding UFOs and about Sumerian mythology has the potential to bring down this forum.

If there are photos and videos of UFOs over Fukushima, or any nuclear site, that are of high quality, please put that conversation in the General Discussion area. Otherwise, the webcam observation threads could get bogged down with alien theory which we can not prove and will have people staring at clouds when they should be focusing on physics events and observations.

Califnative - what do you mean by " Posts seem to be a bit jumbled" ... the format runs chronologically, so, it isn't like ENENews where replies are directly attached to previous comments... that's why the quote function exists, so it's clear what the replies are about.
Jitsi chat: enfo.pia@gmail.com
Hi Cali, they did show on pg 1 and I didn't know I was on pg2.  Posts not jumbled, just me, spent too much time at ENENews lately.  Puffs of smoke were bigger, longer than the suspected crane exhaust, maybe other bigger cranes on the dock.  Hazy sky all day but the two small events twenty minutes apart are unlikely to be fog, just my opinion.  I was thinking maybe incinerator smoke but we don't know where those are.  Pia and Lucas would like observations, data, and real evidence posted because the webcam forum is documenting history at Daiichi and of nuclear in general.  I agree with them.  Not sure if you’re trying to bait me or if you think we need more sensationalism to get people to look at the cams.  I don’t know much but I like to speculate too.  So as not to wreck the webcam thread, I suggest moving some of that speculation to a new thread in the Café lounge.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Majia's latest post notes conditions at R3 and provides historic records and news - Fukushima Unit 3 in the News and Glowing on WebCam http://www.majiasblog.blogspot.com.uy/20...ng-on.html
Jitsi chat: enfo.pia@gmail.com
Majia has captured what she thinks may be unusual emissions; among other things, she says:

"Looking at these images, you might wonder whether the "emissions" are merely fog. I sincerely hope that I'm wrong and what I've documented here is merely fog for if I'm correct in my interpretation conditions have deteriorated suddenly."

Jitsi chat: enfo.pia@gmail.com

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