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2017 Nuclear Ban Treaty
Only 40 signatories are required to pass the nuclear weapons ban. There are more than 130 member nations that participated in deliberations at the United Nations. A tiny number of nuclear states boycotted the ban negotiations.

The second round of negotiations will take place from 15 June to 7 July, 2017. 

UN New York 22 May 2017: Draft Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons http://www.icanw.org/wp-content/uploads/...nDraft.pdf

With only 40 members required to ratify the treaty, the odds are great that the ban will be realized. It's then that the last nuclear proliferating hold-outs will begin to dismantle their holdings. If they are smart, they will get it done before and not be the last ones standing with an empty satchel.
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