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INLEX 7-9 June 2017
IAEA group on nuclear liability will meet in Montevideo, Uruguay 7-9 June. I can't attend but have concerns, so I wrote to them. [date correction on when I set up my uradmonitor.com Model A - it was 16 March, not the 21st].

International Expert Group on Nuclear Liability (INLEX) Held 17th Meeting (in Vienna) https://www.iaea.org/newscenter/news/int...th-meeting

My letter sent 11 May

21 April Radiation Spike Data http://caferadlab.com/thread-1946-post-3...ml#pid3784
16 March Set Up URADMonitor Model A unit, map, climate info http://caferadlab.com/thread-1859.html
Jitsi chat: enfo.pia@gmail.com
Report: Sub-regional Workshop on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage in Montevideo
https://www.iaea.org/newscenter/news/iae...-countries liability regimes, liability during transport and nuclear insurance
Jitsi chat: enfo.pia@gmail.com

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