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311 An act of Eco-Terrorism
There's plenty of scientific evidence and data available to lend credibility to the idea that the earthquake and tsunami that destroyed Fukushima Daiichi was an act of terrorism. Not to forget that a former finance minister of Japan stated that Japan was threatened: Ex Japanese Finance Minister confirms USA have threatened with Earthquake weapon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqJRE5jK71I

Regardless of opinions about Benjamin Fulford (in video above), the fact that the finance minister, Heizo Takenaka, stated that the threat occurred before March 2011 is worth investigating further. Former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka – ”Japan Was Threatened With An Earthquake Machine” http://tapnewswire.com/2011/03/former-ja...japan-was/


"When asked why he had handed control over the Japan’s financial reserves to a handful of American and European oligarchs, the former finance minister Takenaka replied that he had been threatened with an earthquake machine if he didn’t cooperate.  See the link which explains that The Bushes Are Running Out Of Money.

There were two earthquakes at Japan’s largest nuclear installation in 2010, after such a threat was apparently carried out.  See earlier post from December 2010, which suggests that Japan, China and Russia are attempting to resist the power of the New World Order.

The tsunami is not a lone event but the most recent of a series of attacks, if this is all true.  Benjamin Fulford, an American journalist living in Japan, claims to speak on behalf of Japanese secret societies that oppose the wars being generated in the Middle East and Africa by the West’s One World Government.

Fulford appeals to loyal Americans to bomb the power sources of HAARP, which is located in Alaska and Greenland, and which has killed 500,000 people in deliberately generated ”natural disasters” so far.  The OWG had asked the Indonesian government to open the Straits Of Molucca and join the fight against terrorism, he claims.  They refused.  The Indian Ocean tsunami followed.  After that, they cooperated.

The video explains how an earthquake can be created by using HAARP in technical terms.  He appeals to the governments of Russia, China and Japan to tell the world what they know about the madmen using HAARP to threaten and kill hundreds of thousands of people.

He adds, ”The USA is becoming the gangster of the world, the bully of the world.  The country has been taken over by madmen.  They want to bring about World War 3, which is what they are trying to do by attacking so many other countries with HAARP.  They will not succeed.  They must be stopped.”

Note the Times article in the video below which shows that China was warning her nuclear plants to expect ”áccidents”. 

How would they know that just before an earthquake occurred near one of their nuclear installations?"

Conspiracies are often not conspiracies.
just pm me if needed.

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