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Swiss May Referendum ES2050
Learned a lot this morning from a tweeter who wishes to remain anonymous due to the harassment they get when nuclear pushers come across their no nukes tweets.

This May, Switzerland is voting on the Energy Strategy 2050 proposal which, if it wins, will block new nuclear builds. Read: Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) http://www.bfe.admin.ch/energiestrategie...ml?lang=en and Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DTETC) https://www.uvek.admin.ch/uvek/en/home/e...-2050.html

What I learned from the tweeter (who is similar to No Thorium activist @ChristinaMac1 from Australia) is that the group pushing new nuclear builds, molten salt reactors in particular) is that they comprise a very small, tightly organized pro-nuclear consortium with supporters such as Oklo and Transatomic Power. They have financial backing and some are involved in COP21's so called "clean energy" promotions.

At least one of them, Urs Bolt, is pushing nuclear on the Philippines.

That is, once again, environmental racism. I think, if Switzerland had to mine their own landscape for uranium and thorium, they would not ever consider nuclear energy production. In fact, I feel that if a nation can not supply it's own source material or manage it's own waste within it's own borders, it should not be allowed to build and use nuclear energy, medical or research facilities. Ultimately, though, no country ought be using nuclear for any purpose.
just pm me if needed.

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