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Califnative, Interesting that the Ustream link has been off-air for so long.  Seems to have shutdown shortly after you found sparks and I started recording it.  

I tested the tbs-jnn link you found that says "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."  

It does appear to be live.  Instead of playing the video and getting the 'not available' message I found I could just refresh the screen and if I just left it on it would refresh it every couple minutes.  I have taken grabs with the snipping tool and the picture changed at night.  We could put out a plea to native Japanese to monitor the cam but I don't think that would get us very far with translate problems.  I searched for another site that might be hosting the feed but got lost in the Japanese.  Wonder which countries are excluded or if it's only available in Japan?  Worried if we make too much of it they could turn off this channel too.  It occurs to me we could still use this channel to get screen grabs of tbs-jnn if we notice something happening on one of the other cams like the steam coming from csfp.  Even intermittent monitoring might catch something worth a grab.  Good sleuthing Califnative, it gives us a glimpse of TBS-JNN again and now we know Tepco doesn't want us to see what that camera could show us.  

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Hey Horse - no problem. Can't remember how I cam across it, cruzin the Utube I think. It would be nice to view it again. TEPCO is really trying to deter our use of the webcams. Somehow my Goggle Settings blocked my Adobe Flash Player and I couldn't view Cam1/Cam4. I allowed it and it now works. Just a heads up to those who are having difficulties.

Glad the troubleshooting helped and you got Flash player enabled again.  It's not always easy to keep a windows computer working or get it to do what you want. The problems people and companies had with windows was my job security.  We can get your computer speeded up with a USB stick configured for a four gig ReadyBoost drive.  Cheapest way I know to add 4Gb of ram to an old computer.  We lost all the Linux 'won't use windows' and the VLC media player webcam watchers when they switched to flowplayer.  Left only windows webcam watchers but some of those don't want to bother with adobe flash player.  Some of the older computers can barely get the Tepco webpages streaming the webcams to load.  Leaves only a few still watching.  Seems that's not enough, they shut off camera feeds.  Remember they cut off cam4 deliberately for a work week some months ago.

Posted a comment to you at ENE
Good sleuthing Califnative, your link to a JNN news channel and the utube channel was all I could find. It gives us a glimpse of TBS-JNN again and now we know Tepco doesn't want the rest of us watching what that camera shows. The camera wasn't removed from service; it's just been censored. It must be a matter of national security now. After all the years online, why did they suddenly take it off-air to the American audience? This just proves they have something to hide.

Nice to see the Tepco approved pictures of the bright shiny new rooftop on r3. That should help shield workers from the radioactive debris of that exploded mess of a nuclear reactor hiding underneath.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
04-16 Cali, I just checked TBS at 22:30 jst, night, but jnn looks like the daytime picture.  Wonder if we just see a daytime and night picture?  The reason I checked was because the daytime picture wasn't changing with the afternoon light.   Let's check at various times and different lighting conditions to check it out.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
This seems like a nice place to tie up loose ends.  

HHD asks:

Quote:There was an explosion/event on the TBS/JNN webcam some time ago. JNN cam was taken down immediately after, not to return.
Searching the Tepco U4 cam, smoke could be seen from the far left during the time of the incident.
It was apparent after witnessing the activity on JNN, that the Tepco cam caught only the very outskirts of the event... Nothing even remotely close to the JNN view.
After much searching and review of the FD site, I have concluded that the explosion and resulting sparking/fire was in the vicinity of the water storage tanks. For whatever reason- not a lot of "smoke".

The JNN cam showed what appeared to be similar to the sparking seen when welding, on a much, much grander scale. Flames, yes, but more shooting sparks than anything. It carried on for some time.
Judging from the size of the tanks and the event itself, it was massive.

One of my objectives here is to find that footage.

My account of the event was posted on ENE, which was carried over to CRL by Horse, iirc.. I will attempt to find the CRL link with the date and time of the alleged incident. To date, there are no other accounts of the event to my knowledge, nor have I heard of anyone recording JNN when it was functioning.

If you know someone with JNN footage, please check back for the time-stamp of the event and make an effort to find the footage.

To be continued...

Took me back to Califnative spotting the first TBS-JNN spark in the WEBCAM October 2016 thread

Around that time I had started recording some of TBS-JNN.  It was stranded on the old laptop I was using and I just recently archived it too make it more accessible.  Here's a list of the recordings I made.  

10-5 pm tbs.fbr
10-06 pm tbs sparks.fbr
10-07 am tbs.fbr
10-07 am1 tbs.fbr
10-07 pm tbs sparks.fbr
10-07 pm2 tbs.fbr
10-07 pm3 tbs spark.fbr
10-08 pm tbs.fbr
10-10 am tbs.fbr
10-10 am tbs1.fbr
10-10 am tbs2 boat.fbr
10-10 pm tbs3 sparks.fbr
10-10 pm tbs4.fbr
10-11 am tbs.fbr
10-11 pm tbs boat.fbr
10-11 pm tbs1.fbr
10-11 pm tbs2.fbr
10-11 pm tbs3.fbr
10-11 pm tbs4.fbr

My first recording was 10-5pm, a four hour twenty minute test video I never had time to go thru.  I must have started the recording about 3 pm.  Sorry HHD, too late for a 2:15 pm explosion.  It was a grey afternoon when the sun usually gives the best brightest view.  The cranes had quit moving.  Note, all my dates and times are jst.  

1:46:30 in at frame 63908 I changed the computer clock to jst and positioned it on the recording frame over reactor 4 to have a timestamp on the video.  I used this method to include a time stamp on subsequent TBS-JNN videos.  

10-5-2016 4_52_24pm date-time stamp
1-46 in jst timestamp


I grabbed more pictures to show you all what TBS-JNN looked like around this crucial time.  

10-5pm start.bmp
050158pm sudden cloudy.bmp
050329pm lights on.bmp
050927pm darker.bmp
051228pm filter.bmp
051325pm spark 8f.bmp
051643pm spark.bmp
051812pm bug1.bmp
051813pm bug2.bmp
051817pm bug3.bmp
051823pm bug4.bmp
052414pm sparks.bmp
053432pm shore light.bmp
053945pm filter.bmp
054324pm filter.bmp
054416pm unfilter.bmp
060603pm bright light.bmp
063733pm spark.bmp
070027pm filter.bmp
070228pm spark double 7f.bmp
071031pm spark 7f.bmp
071522pm spark 5f.bmp
072922pm darker.bmp
072929pm lighter.bmp
073159pm darker.bmp
073257pm spark 6f.bmp
073339pm darker.bmp
073443pm darker.bmp
073534pm dark.bmp
073618pm distortion1.bmp
073618pm distortion2.bmp
074321pm end.bmp

Here's thumbnails to start with, I'll add full pics below.  The thumbnails show the lighting changes that looked like smoke or fog rolling in and out of the view and camera filter changes.  

Here's the first grab of the recording.  Guessing time is around 3pm.  


This dim little spark near the vent tower is hardly distinguishable from the white flickers of wave action. The way it popped up in the recording told me it was most likely a spark but with the flickering background I won't count them as sparks in this lighting.

Another too faint to tell spark.

I think its a bug crawling across the top of the pictures.

This light on the dock behind r3 wasn't on very long.  

These are definitely sparks and I claim the first clear double spark captured on TBS-JNN.  Notice how the bright light in front of r2 changes brightness.  I think it's from burning gas rather than a work light.  
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
A couple more sparks and the view darkens.

And darker, then I catch a distortion.  If you look in the middle you might see a single pixel of light, a spark maybe.  Notice the distortion in the bottom part of the screen took out the date/time overlay too.  The view went totally dark with the shifting dark blue and I ended the recording.  

I don't remember why I quit recording TBS or when it went off air.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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