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WEBCAM April 2017
motty @novtnerico RT by @microcarpa1 in twitter 12 April observations

2017/4/12の午後白昼、F1構内のライブカメラ4号機側で黒い煙が噴出するのが見えたそうです… 海に流したり燃やして飛ばしたり F1なんでもあり 賑わう歴史上初の巨大事故現場

I saw seems to erupt the afternoon 4/12/2017 in broad daylight, F1 campus live cam no. 4 receiver black smoke. Skip burning shed into the sea and F1 everything is crowded with history on the first big wreck at http://inventsolitude.sblo.jp/article/179491747.html
just pm me if needed.
Well I was curious what the Japanese blog had to say about the 4-12 smoke video, so I used google translate and looked around the site.  The translate isn't good but I get the gist; he's keeping an eye on tepco and doesn't like what he sees.  He reminds me too that so much of the radioactive contamination rained out and spread over a large area of Japan and we hear so little about the true magnitude of the health problems the Japanese are facing because of media censorship on both sides of the pond.  

Quote:Admit of no Grandpa's Flash memory. Also to try climbing up the tree and poured ice water on record.
Skip burning shed into the sea and F1 everything is crowded with history on the first big accident
I saw seems to erupt the afternoon 4/12/2017 in broad daylight, F1 campus live cam no. 4 receiver black smoke. Following is a screen shot from the VIMEO 04-12 1430 smoke.

Some years ago the black clouds had blown, but say diesel engine startup smoke at that time. We also start diesel engine?
In such a high position?
4/12/2017 because from now on is just a week ago. Plant accident round 6 years passed, contaminated water from ground spill, plant steam also up thick, jet black smoke during. Magic Tower hidden in the sky.
Collins billionaires plateau junction Highway 6 vehicles, construction vehicles, special-purpose vehicles. Such a situation continued 6 years, hustle and bustle does not show signs of slowing down.
In a world like this accident? World's first history from the scene of the catastrophe of the first proximity to our lives.
Squirt poison not secured yet.
Many people are keen on Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident and its impact abroad. More events listed in this article are original record F1 live video in foreign countries and is due to the results of a Visual check.
Would you still wearing that record in Japan. Fast forward video after a 24-hour period, you can if you have a single computer, can I check it
How to use simple measuring instrument having feel less so. Long-awaited us data and models of beta Ray shielding, indoor or outdoor, or if whether the incineration facilities located near the ground, time, weather, is added, it data is almost worthless.
To order the Japanese will perish, die. Have seen so that people know of health damage from radiation, focuses on the situation of the Japan overseas is not it.  

Dear readers outside Japan / Estimados lectores de este blog

The writer of this blog (myself) is a Japanese man with a varied professional experience who will turn 70 in a few years: I have worked in a large organization in Japan, have also worked abroad, have gone through redundancy, and worked in a part-time job at close to the minimum wage.

Now that I don’t work any more and that I’m in a fortunate enough situation where I don’t have to shiver from cold or starve, I thought I would use my spare time and experience for something useful for society and started a blog in 2005.

It has been a while since Japanese society stopped caring for the socially weak. The nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant has marked the final confirmation of this. We have been deprived of our humble pleasure of eating. Staying healthy has become a struggle. In other words, our right to health or even the right to life are being threatened. Threatened by the government and by some major firms. This angers me and my days are spent trying to fight against this situation so as to help this country go in a better direction.

It would be a great pleasure if I could share my concerns with you and that in doing so I were able to help this world, even if it is only in a small way.

Thank you for reading.

N.B. The graphs and tables in this blog are based on statistics of population dynamics, measurements of radiation in soil and food, and data from monitoring posts, all of which are provided by the government and municipalities. If judged as reliable, information gathered from tweets and blogs is also used for analysis.

Zukunashi no Hiyamizu's Blog   Index of articles in English

1. Index of articles in English

Nuclear power won't last (Prof. Hiroaki Koide)
Original Text from :http://actio.gr.jp/2012/03/27113651.html

Is Fukushima Really 'Under Control?'
Original Text from :http://www.rafjp.org/koidejournal/no70/, http://www.rafjp.org/koidejournal/no72/

There's nothing we can do.
Original Text from :http://www.rafjp.org/koidejournal/no113/  

Things You Should Know about Fukushima
The gods of death are lining up
Air dose rate of Tokyo measured by citizens
“No way! I can't believe you saw radioactivity!”  Sky around Tokyo appeared covered by smog at noon in Mar 15, 2011.
Fieldwork 1
Fieldwork 2
Fieldwork 4
Fieldwork 4 Additional Thoughts 
Fieldwork 7 or 1.15μSv/h in a Vegetable Field near Tokyo
Fieldwork 10 or Appearance of Rashes at a Hot Spot 
From the US Soil Survey: Depleted Uranium and Uranium 238
The US’s Severe Assessment of Radiation Contamination in Japan
They say that the soil in Japan has a lot of uranium in the first place…Was I wrong? My final attempt

Zukunashi's Question-and-Answer Session 1  I found 0.23μSv/h at home. I am anxious to avoid internal radiation exposure
Zukunashi's Question-and-Answer Session 2  I am confused than ever where I have to flee to
Zukunashi's Question-and-Answer Session 3 Live-in old parents are reluctant to emigrate from here, polluted area 
ZUKUNASHI’S QUESTION-AND-ANSWER SESSION 4 In Belarus mother did her best enough to be called mad for children's health

Discussion about “search words”
Construction workers face health deterioration
Why many of decontamination volunteers died
“My leg is cramping up!” Some of paralysis and seizures are caused by cranial nerve disorder…?

People living overseas damage their health after brief stay in Japan
Radiation Dose Estimates according to the US Department of Defense
Foreign visitors in Japan, let's work together to avoid internal exposure!
Foreign visitors in Japan, Please avoid contaminated food! 
Health problems may rise in the whole North hemisphere 
Internal exposure avoidance is not difficult and brings a remarkable effect to your health

In Support of Young Mothers 
Please Mr IA Try Not to Lose Your Temper

Experience of a mother who moved from Fukushima to Niigata in January 2013

There’s a monster walking round with a machine taped to the end of his stick He knows the tragic destiny of the Japanese

Vital Demographic Statistics of Japan The Trends of the 48 months after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident

5/28/2015 Ordinary Scene of Japan 

7/9/2015 The Panoramic View on Radiation Problems

8/25/2015 Fukushima Foods for Tokyo Olympics Athletes – Endo Olympics Minister says
Original Source: Fukushima Foods for Tokyo Olympics Athletes – Endo Olympics Minister Expressed His Willingness

1/21/2016 This is Daily Life in Japan These Days

1/22/2016 News from the front. Radiation sickness no.18: Falling down the Stairs

1/23/2016 This is Japan now: The Japanese don’t fear death; the Japanese stay calm until they die themselves

2/11/2016 News from the front. Radiation sickness no. 15: Lethargy, hypersomnia, narcolepsy, somnolence, losing consciousness 

2/12/2016 News from the front. Radiation sickness no.23: Fainting, rolling eyes, convulsions 

7/11/2016 The dead bodies in the exclusion zone of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident and their treatment New!

Transition of Birth and Death Rates after Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident

2. Recommended articles
The below link will direct you to a third-party site. External site opens in a new window.

Was I Exposed to Radiation From Fukushima? 
Is a Study Abroad Program in Japan Safe?
Pump and pray: Tepco might have to pour water on Fukushima wreckage forever  
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Thanks for going the extra mile and capturing the blog content!
just pm me if needed.
Thanks for re-tweeting, Pia, it's a great pleasure to help him share his concerns.  His rant comes thru even if translate missed a few idioms.  I'd say he's a good ol' webcam watcher; would be great to get him on board.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
I agree. Having folks in Japan posting their findings (even if written in Japanese) would be incredible for all of us.
just pm me if needed.
04-21 22:30 Watching fog roll in and out of the cam views.  On cam 4 the fog looks like it comes from the csfp side like Califnative described a few days ago, but no rain visible on either camera.  22:50 cam4 looks a lot like vapor streaming out; not a uniform fog bank blotting the view.  22:57 c1 spark.  Cam 1 is fogging up fast but cam4 shows the fog inland on the csfp side and clear on the ocean side. Cam1 just had another spark and I've got other work to do.  Keep an eye out, maybe it's only weather.

Thought I'd add some pictures.  I found some sparks in that fogging, the first is a nice pair.  I was looking for the start of the fogging and it looks like the fog starts inland.  

04-21 212309 spark pair
04-21 212609 spark
04-21 213152 spark
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Looking at the cam4 pictures you can see they look just like the pictures of smoke coming from the csfp a few days ago.  

04-21 225000 fog
04-21 225658 fog
04-21 225753 spark
04-21 230148 spark
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Bonsoir tout le monde. Tough job we've got with Fuk. #RememberDaiichi
In France, if Mélenchon wins the presidential election, nukes will start cutting off with 18 reactors.
Loads of work en perspective. And forever dangerous.
We do have to begin somewhere. Let work for the best. Thank you so much for being here.
May we all see "progress" towards a more humane world culture, regardless of politicians. Let finance issues rule...
just pm me if needed.
Ships on the ocean with red and green lights flashing behind R1/R2 cam1 last night. 
More inside fog spraying in the morning 4-24-17
Big metal piece placed on the side of R4 today around 11:00am.  Just missed it. Lot's of suits walking on R3.
Maybe you can see it in your recording Horse, they snuck it in there pretty quick.

That wasn't a boat light in that first pic, that was a spark.  The boat lights stay on and flicker between red and green.  That green blip was one of a few I found looking for a few minutes.  

04-23 020356 spark.bmp
04-23 020532 spark.bmp
04-23 020544 spark.bmp
04-23 020637 spark.bmp
04-23 020720 spark.bmp

Looked like a little spark cluster going there, about one a minute.  Noticed your spark had a faint double; look up at the top of your picture directly above the spark.  Haven't noticed sparks on cam 4 for awhile now but haven't had as much time to look.  Good catch on the internal spraying, it seemed to last about six minutes like the other one did.  While they remove parts from r1 they add pieces to r3.  It wasn't in the air long, I grabbed a frontal view and an edge on view as they swung it around.  I saw men walking across the r2 extension and across r3.  
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Okuma and Date got hit hard today

jciv.iidj.net/map/ Okuma 10,317 nSv/h 24 April 2017
Source: http://radioactivity.nsr.go.jp/map/ja/download.html
On return to the site just now - Shows Futaba district getting slammed
Making sense of nSv/h (conversion table)
Source: http://www.jciv.iidj.net/map/list
just pm me if needed.
Thank Pia, Horse - thanks for the clarification on the spark. I should have known it was since it was short, the other red light near R1 was definitely wondering along the ocean. I was comparing both screens and caught the red one. Thank you for going back and capturing that big piece of metal near R4. 
Pia, found another website (old one) that shows an increase of 146% (I think?) somewhere in Fukushima. Be sure to use Google and translate the page. http://new.atmc.jp/pref.cgi?p=07#d=d
Thank you for keeping an eye on the radiation levels.

(04-24-2017, 10:17 AM)califnative Wrote: Pia, found another website (old one) that shows an increase of 146% (I think?) somewhere in Fukushima. Be sure to use Google and translate the page. http://new.atmc.jp/pref.cgi?p=07#d=d

Thank you for keeping an eye on the radiation levels.

You are welcome and thanks for the pointer! Will check that out.
just pm me if needed.
Spotted more workers moving quickly on R3's new lead roof/shield.  Some in white suits and some in the dark suits.

Early morning and a lot of work is going on.   These guys can build mega structures faster than our local Taco Bell was constructed.   One day it was an empty field, the next day, tacos. 

The dark suit workers were on the upper part of the structure.   Closer to R2.  Maybe that's why the dark suits?
Huh  I wonder what the hourly pay is to get irradiated? 
Huh  I wonder what the workers are 'actually' told?

Huh  I wonder if this all has anything to do with the lowest birthrate in Japan (2016) since they started keeping records in 1899.

"... reflecting a fast-ageing society and the high cost of childcare, Japanese media reported." - article

No mention of people being afraid to conceive because of fear from birth defects or even not coming to full term.
Califnative, the picture at 4-23 02:14 was a boat.  I caught a couple sparks but none while they were both blinking.  Here’s a shot of the better spark with the faint boat light between r1 and r2.  
04-23 021418 spark and boat light
4-24  Just happened to catch this cam4 spark.  
04-24 221812 c4 spark
4-25  While I’m getting this post together I caught another c4 spark before I ended the recording and thought that would top of the post nicely but I noticed another one at 21:24 on cam4 to grab when the next recording closes.  The cam4 spark picture also shows the new work light on r3.  
04-25 05808 c4 spark - new light on r3
The spark rate on cam 1 has seemed pretty high; too many to count.  We’ve captured emissions spewing out during the day and evenings putting on some funky Fuku fogging shows.  The neighbors around Dai-Ichi noticed an uptick in radiation readings.  I’m seeing cam 4 sparks again.  Check for another c4 spark at 21:55.  The shows not over; the webcams give evidence of continuing radioactive releases.  Note of thanks to all posting; great contributions documenting Tepco’s nuclear folly.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Chasaha, here’s another girder from r1 headed for dilution into Japanese steel they need to build Olympic stadium and housing.  
04-25 090618 r1 girder
I did see those blips on cam4.  
04-25 212452 c4 spark 1f
04-25 215533 c4 spark
Another piece added to the r3 construction.  
04-26 091240 c4 cranes
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Majia: noticed that the emissions from Fukushima Daiichi were up despite lack of precipitation http://www.majiasblog.blogspot.com.uy/20...-work.html includes screenshot


"In order to create a place where workers can work without worries, some TEPCO officials suggest protective gear is no longer necessary, although the radiation level up on a hill that looks down at the reactors measures 150 microsieverts an hour:
Quote: On the hill, the radiation in the air was 150 microsieverts per hour, less than the amount received during a round-trip flight between Tokyo and New York. Tepco says there is no health hazard here as long as you wear masks and helmets and keep your stay short 

150 microsieverts an hour X 24 hours = 3,600 microsieverts a day X 365 days = 1,314,000 microsiverts a year ON A HILL overlooking reactors, or 1314 millisiverts when annual exposure in Japan prior to Fukushma was legally mandated at 1 millisivert."
just pm me if needed.
04-28 Spark report.  I’d been watching about an hour and noted another cam4 spark.  A steady rate of sparking was popping up on cam1.  Scanned the recording and grabbed the c4 spark.  Scanned the cam1 recording for fifteen minutes and I was surprised to see two long duration distortions.  When I watch the monitors my eyes don’t catch the distortions but when I scan the recordings they’re pretty easy to spot and I can back up and step thru frame by frame to see them clearly.  

04-28 201553 distortion.bmp
04-28 201557 distortion end.bmp
04-28 201649 distortion.bmp
04-28 201653 distortion end.bmp
04-28 202407 spark.bmp
04-28 202422 spark.bmp
04-28 202645 spark.bmp
04-28 202742 spark.bmp
04-28 202831 c4 spark blue pair.bmp
04-28 203102 spark.bmp
04-28 203211 spark.bmp

The squirt poison has been spewing into the air all month and the sparks are blinking a quick tempo.  I would not be taking off protective gear yet and I fear that Tepco just wants to create good PR for the refugee return.  The sparks that don't blow away to the US are hanging in the air contaminating the site and the local area.  The nuclear industry is very cavalier in creating and spreading these toxins into the environment claiming always that it's safe; knowing that the damage takes time to manifest; failing to release the full spectrum Alpha, Beta, and Gamma readings so we might know how good or bad it is.  

04-28 202645 spark
04-28 202742 spark
04-28 202831 c4 spark blue pair
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Here's an 11 second video that shows two sparks blinking in rapid succession just after sunset.  

04-29 185359 spark 1
04-29 185359 spark 2
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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