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Homemade detectors
Rad Radio posted some links for home-made detectors in another thread.  Rad Radio has some interesting projects for the hobbyist.   Worth repeating in this forum so it doesn't get lost.  

Quote:Many can't even foot the bill of buying an effective radiation detector, and with radnet effectively down (the Gamma charts are worthless - even mapping the energy ranges to known isotope fingerprints proved futile) unless one purchases an expensive detector one is effectively blind


It were possible to make your own effective detector from household materials


this ^ outlines my first efforts to do just that for Alpha particles (the most dangerous)


But this ^ design actually provides meaningful background readings so you can see trends - high radiation days, while also checking your home for Radon if you desire

Note that food samples must be rendered to ash and the resulting powder placed right against the detector's window which can consist of very thin aluminum foil (obtainable for free from some food wrappers), if you want to detect Alpha emitters..

I've been actively pursuing these efforts since the disaster, even providing results and test recordings :



As stated my specific focus is on the working poor, who don't have money to buy protection, indeed this whole issue is a form of a protection racket.
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