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URADMonitor Rad Map
Map shows readings of online URADMonitor sites around the world: http://www.uradmonitor.com/

I am excited that Uruguay will be on the map in the relatively near future. The monitor will be installed 3 feet above the ground under the balcony in a shady spot which receives winds from two primary directions - one facing the front yard in the direction of Concordia and the other facing the back yard in the direction of Tropiezo and San Antonio (approximations). 

Wind directions for Salto, Uruguay over the year https://weatherspark.com/averages/33664/Salto-Uruguay

The nuclear plants in Argentina are approximately 383 miles (Córdoba) and 193 miles (Lima) "as a crow flies" (http://tjpeiffer.com/crowflies.html) from my location in Salto. There are no nuclear plants in Uruguay and the plants in Brasil are too far to consider. 

Prevailing wind for Buenos Aires https://weatherspark.com/averages/33323/...-Argentina
just pm me if needed.
Awesome Pia. Keep us updated. I just sent an email with my location. Monitoring rad and environmental particulate was something I wanted to do but don't think I can afford another expensive hobby. If it doesn't cost too much they can add a Colorado location.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Awesome, Horse. But, Colorado? I thought you were in Washington?! Have you moved or was I confusing you with someone else... Radu was really cool - out of the blue he told me he was sending me the Model A after I showed support for URADMonitors in the Chivas Venture. Completely unexpected and very welcome.
just pm me if needed.
Wind direction for Cordoba, Argentina https://weatherspark.com/averages/33324/...-Argentina
With the prevailing winds taken into consideration, I have a feeling that if Argentina's nuke plants leak, there is little chance the fallout will hit Salto. It would be nice to know what they do with their waste...
just pm me if needed.
Radu's detector arrived (it sat in customs for a long time).

Should have it hooked up this week after getting longer cable and power cord.

Many thanks to Radu for his generosity!
just pm me if needed.

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