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Security Concerns
Should I or anyone else encounter problems or glitches which may be a security issue, please post here. Many of us have already encountered problems since 2011. So, please post notices as needed to help us all stay alert for breaches.

Came across this informative paper this morning (19 Sept, @cryptome).

11 Sept 2015 Towards Detecting Compromised Accounts on Social Networks Manuel Egele, Gianluca Stringhini, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna, Boston University, University College London, UC Santa Barbara


"Compromising  social  network  accounts  has  become  a profitable course of action for cybercriminals. By hijacking  control of  a  popular media  or business  account,  attackers can distribute their malicious messages or disseminate fake information to a large user base. The impacts of these incidents range from a tarnished reputation to multi-billion dollar monetary losses on financial markets. In our previous work, we demonstrated how we can detect large-scale compromises (i.e., so-called campaigns) of regular online social network users.  In this work, we show how we can use similar techniques to identify compromises of individual high-profile  accounts.   High-profile  accounts frequently have one characteristic that makes this detection reliable – they show consistent behavior over time. We show that our system, were it deployed, would have been able to detect and prevent three real-world attacks against popular companies and news agencies.  Furthermore, our system, in contrast to popular media, would not have fallen for a staged compromise instigated by a US restaurant chain for publicity reasons."
just pm me if needed.
Global issues with nuclear computer security. Fukushima reported to have huge number of outdated windows running.

The realities of nuclear cyber security angles.atkinsglobal.com/opinion/the-realities-of-nuclear-cyber-security

48,000 PCs at Fukushima plant operator TEPCO still run Windows XP http://www.extremetech.com/computing/204...windows-xp
just pm me if needed.

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