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SREL Study Questioned
Recent Chernobyl “Study” Contaminated by US-UK Nuclear Funding

SREL Savannah River, So. Carolina. Politics of nuclear industry and gov money. More independent teams required.
just pm me if needed.
As the adage goes, follow the money.

However, I will say, there are many animals in the exclusion zone, and in a way the lack of human involvement in the area obviously makes it easier on the animals. I've heard it said that humans are the only living thing which cannot thrive in an environment without having a significant impact on other living things -- so obviously the lack of humans in a particular location would be better for the wildlife. It is impossible for me to guess the quality of life of animals in the zone, their average lifespan, impact of tumors and cancers, etc from living in a contaminated zone.
"All models are flawed, some are useful."
George E. P. Box
Follow the money, indeed.

Perhaps a "Public Radiation Test Fund" ought be established. Instead of having a line on tax returns for campaign contributions, we can instead have a line to contribute to a health & safety fund [sarcasm].

I've been thinking about 'priorities' and risk analysis since listening to Jaczko at the Nuclear Risk Conference. My initial considerations are:
  • US Republic/Democracy needs a SWOT analysis and deep cleansing
  • Citizenry/Residents need to adopt a new way of "seeing" how the world is ordered
  • A clean break from industrial influence over policy making and elimination of shadow governments/unelected leadership
Perhaps we can one day get beyond the bias and influence of those whose goals and intentions are counter-intuitive to life.

It would be interesting to have a rad test team study Chernobyl and Fukushima wildlife for radiation exposure - DNA, organs, bones, brains.
just pm me if needed.

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