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TEPCO Engineer Specs
In Japanese, lots of engineering specifications for TEPCO's 17 Nov 2016 change application supporting documentation:

Radioactive Liquid Waste 76 pgs http://www.tepco.co.jp/press/release/201...7j0201.pdf and
Expansion of polynuclear removal equipment 180 pgs http://www.tepco.co.jp/press/release/201...7j0202.pdf

Sure to be a hit with nuclear and physics engineers. Good luck.

This is the last page of the rad liquid waste doc. This is the dialog just prior to table below.

"Because it was assumed that it will come down, considering the half-life, the concentration in the residual water after 365 days of reactor shutdown declined

Estimated by correction. Estimated concentration 365 days after shutdown of nuclear reactor obtained by attenuation correction is the notified concentration

With respect to the limit * 1, it is assumed that nuclides exceeding 1/100 are present in significant concentrations in the residual water and polynuclear species

It was selected as a nuclide to be removed from the past equipment. However, tritium ※ 2 can be removed
Because it is difficult, it was excluded from the target nuclide.

2. Selection result of nuclide to be removed

We selected 56 nuclides from FP nuclides and 6 nuclides from CP nuclides, and add 62 nuclear species and remove them in total 62 nuclides

It was selected as a nuclide (see Table 1)"
just pm me if needed.

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