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JP Law: Shut Down Ops?
Two important legal sites were tweeted to me overnight and while my capacity to suss out the meaning through google translator is impaired, I think it is the legal basis for shutting down failing nuclear operations when certain criteria are not met (material excesses, lack of permissions, etc). 

The tweet from, フクシマから国の偽装を暴く @Anti_Jigokudama, states:

"Legal Key points discovery! "Nuclear Source Material, the law on the Regulation of Nuclear Source Material, Nuclear Fuel Material and Reactors""
http://law.e-gov.go.jp/htmldata/S32/S32H...0000000000 and 

http://www.nsr.go.jp/activity/ri_kisei/k...index.html [Regulatory Statute Book] 
"Chapter VI Article 59 (check on Waste etc.) "If the nuclear power operators to drop out of the office is required confirmation of the regulatory Commission rules""

@Anti_Jigokudama is also tweeting about the use of youth to clean up radiation sites sans protection, disruption of village life, and the accumulation of radioactive waste in the forests (among other things). 
just pm me if needed.

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