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Time Lapse sparks
September 29, 2016 at 2:27 pm · Reply
Haven't attempted screen grabs. Just musing…

21:07:26 prominant white spark, with signatures.
21:06:24 The frames prior to above, interesting.
21:39:36 Unknown, under "e" in "-lapse"
21:55:52 under "re" in "recording"

23:58:50, yellow blob spark, just above u2, center

00:30:04 white spark, just above u1 right corner
01:24:32 green/yellow spark, top of u1 left side, left side of crane
01:34:16 white spark, left side over u1, left side of crane, middle
02:33:14 yellow spark, above u3, to right of crane
02:56:50 blue spark, left crane, top right

06:22:39 white spark u1 front panel, lower. Could be a flash/reflection?

HillbillyHoundDog, TY for posting your observations at Enenews webcam forum.  If we collected your observations together we could look at three hour TL counts as well as finding spark clusters.  Would also like to compare real time counts to TL counts to see how many are missing.  If you grabbed screenshots while you have the TL stopped on a spark, you could post them here on CRL for documentation; save me a lot of work and reassure others that they can see sparks in the TL too.  Ones that just don't let you stop on the spark frame could be noted.  Ones that are questionable, mark with a question mark; we could look for them in the real time recordings.  I noticed in your Enenews posts where you said one TL was only partially scanned; were the others all full counts?  You could mention in your posts the total sparks for each TL you scan to make it easier to data mine since you sometimes mention other observations in your posts.  Hope you know I'm trying to encourage you to help us out here.  


"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
September 17, 2016 at 12:20 am · Reply
What's this?? Is it what I think it is?



Those two TL vids are now coming up 'This video has been removed by the user."  I have the full 3 hrs recorded of 2016.09.17_00.00-01.07.Unit4side and 2016.09.17_00.00-01.07.Unit1side.  Scanned it rather quickly (4x) and skipped a bit but noticed this was the night I'd seen the spider building the web on cam1; looks like a dark blob moving up and down the screen and over the vent tower.  Found a cluster of sparks and distortions on cam1 that was close in time to two cam4 sparks but the times were too many minutes apart for proof of the aerial theory.  It does prove something was causing a burst of activity on both tepcams at about the same time.  Seem to be noticing more cam4 sparks lately.  I don't know why the Time Lapse quit recording for awhile, but I know I have a few computer issues when trying to record 24/7.  Tepco can disappear stuff; that's why I started grabbing screenshots and got into recording.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
September 30, 2016 at 5:03 pm • Reply
18:07:54, red spark, unit 1, inside, far right, top
18:11:04 yellow spark, top left side of crane
18:14:34 green/yellow spark, far right, center
18:27:20 yellow spark, above u2, left of tower, center
18:51:02 white spark, center
18:56:06 white flash (small), inside u1, top floor, second triangle

Time Lapse scan
18:07:54 From 18:06:32 to 9-30 18:07:54 I found 7 boat light flashes travelling right to left that looked like sparks.
18:11:04 Spark
18:14:34 Spark - I didn’t see it on my first pass thru.  Went to the time mark and found it.  It was a spark pair.  
18:27:20 Spark
18:51:02 Spark
18:56:06 white flash – couldn’t find it, looked twice and caught two small sparks near that time that I didn't catch on the first scan.

TL scan finds 4 sparks

One hour spark report 9-30 18:00 – 18:59 I found 19 sparks and 2 distortions

9-30 180449 spark.bmp
9-30 180629 spark.bmp
9-30 180632 boat light.bmp
9-30 180638 boat light.bmp
9-30 180644 boat light.bmp
9-30 180749 boat light.bmp
9-30 180750 boat light.bmp
9-30 180753 boat light.bmp
9-30 180754 boat light.bmp
9-30 180815 light on r1.bmp
9-30 181104 spark.bmp
9-30 181134 spark.bmp
9-30 181434 spark pair.bmp
9-30 181701 spark.bmp
9-30 182455 spark.bmp
9-30 182519 spark.bmp
9-30 182720 spark.bmp
9-30 182827 spark.bmp
9-30 183023 spark.bmp
9-30 183253 spark.bmp
9-30 183937 distortion.bmp
9-30 183940 distortion end.bmp
9-30 184222 distortion begin.bmp
9-30 184222 distortion end.bmp
9-30 184353 spark.bmp
9-30 184934 spark.bmp
9-30 185102 spark.bmp
9-30 185104 spark.bmp
9-30 185154 spark.bmp
9-30 185558 spark.bmp
9-30 185719 spark.bmp

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Good to have a hillbilly hound dog to go hunting with.  

October 5, 2016 at 5:00 am • Reply
Yeah…Thanks to a talking horse…
21:19:16 white spark on u1 crane, top
21:11:34 blue spark, far right, center
22:15:24 squiggly white spark, top center
22:55:16 white spark just above u1 center- leaves a signature or "burn" on lense
23:01:16 green spark, above u2, center. Leaves blue "burn" on screen
23:39:00 white spark, double, curved, long, unique, left center
23:49:12 white spark, top left of tower
00:06:16 funky colored spark (triple?), left top of crane
01:00:56 white, blue tail, center
01:18:54 white, ON top steel frame u1, left side center
02:58:24 blue, left of crane, center
Still looking for the double-whammy…

Scanning for sparks is like a computer game for me and earns me just as much money.  I’ll have to think of a prize for a double-whammy.  No time for full spark counts but I wanted to see if any type of spark is more easily seen in the TL so I just went looking for the sparks you found.  The two you found with the ‘burn’ around them; the first was so faint I almost missed it; the second just a normal spark.  That first one was the only one that was two seconds later in my recording than your noted time for TL.  Looked twice for your time but got nada; think it’s because of time lapse sampling.  Not noticing any type that seems prevalent yet, just a normal assortment of single and fancy sparks.  

10-02 211134 spark.bmp
10-02 211918 spark.bmp
10-02 221524 spark pair.bmp
10-02 225518 spark faint.bmp
10-02 230116 spark.bmp
10-02 233900 spark bar double.bmp
10-02 234905 spark.bmp
10-02 234912 spark.bmp
Don’t find many of the solid bar; first one with a companion.

10-03 000616 spark pair.bmp
10-03 010058 spark.bmp
10-03 010101 spark 3f.bmp
10-03 010323 spark double.bmp
10-03 010615 spark pair.bmp
10-03 010854 spark.bmp
10-03 011854 spark.bmp
10-03 025816 spark.bmp
All but one of these had at least a faint pair when looked at closely that can make them look tailed or curved.  

10-02 233900 spark bar double
10-03 000616 spark pair
10-03 010323 spark double
10-03 010615 spark pair




"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
(10-05-2016, 07:59 AM)Horse Wrote: Good to have a hillbilly hound dog to go hunting with.  

Scanning for sparks is like a computer game for me and earns me just as much money.

I’ll have to think of a prize for a double-whammy. 


Take the lid off an exploded nuclear facility and there's no telling what we might see.

Perhaps the sparks are a new kind of life form.  Now they're mating and multiplying.   Wink

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