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Geiger-Mueller Pancake Detectors
G-M Pancake Detectors: Everything You've Wanted to Know (Bu Were Afraid to Ask)

This article was written by Paul R. Steinmeyer, who I think very highly of.  Paul is the creator of the URSA-II Multi-Channel Analyzer that I speak so much of.  

This article answers a lot of questions and does a very good job of outlining what a G-M detector is and isn't capable of doing.

Key points to understand after reading this article (and ask me if you have questions about) --
  • Alpha/Beta detection efficiency
  • What variables effect observed efficiency
  • Understanding theoretical maximum efficiency
  • 2π steradians
  • Why you should never use G-M pancake detectors to assess exposure rates
  • Understanding the energy-response curve
  • 4π vs 2π configurations
  • Distinguishing between high-energy and low-energy beta-emitters
G-M Pancake Detectors: Everything You've Wanted to Know (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

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