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2 Nov Yucca Mtn Waste
NRC: Information Collection: Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Wastes in Geologic Repositories https://www.federalregister.gov/articles...positories

Abstract: Part 60 of 10 CFR requires States and Indian Tribes to submit certain information to the NRC if they request consultation with the NRC staff concerning the review of a potential repository site, or wish to participate in a license application review for a potential repository (other than the Yucca Mountain, Nevada site, which is regulated under 10 CFR part 63). States and Indian Tribes are required to submit information regarding requests for consultation with the NRC and participation in the review of a site characterization plan and/or license application, but only if they wish to obtain NRC consultation services and/or participate in the reviews. The information submitted by the States and Indian Tribes is used by the Director of the Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards as a basis for decisions about the commitment of NRC staff resources to the consultation and participation efforts. The NRC anticipates conducting a public rulemaking to revise portions of 10 CFR part 60 in the near future (i.e., within the next five years). If, as part of this rulemaking, revisions are made affecting the information collection requirements, the NRC will follow OMB requirements for obtaining approval for any revised information collection requirements. [Note: All of the information collection requirements pertaining to Yucca Mountain were included in 10 CFR part 63, and were approved by OMB under control number 3150-0199. The Yucca Mountain site is regulated under 10 CFR part 63 (66 FR 55792, November 2, 2001).]
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