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New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook, 44th Field Conference, Carlsbad Region, New Mexico and West Texas, 1993

Natural resources
The WIPP site is located in a region that contains substantial amounts of potash, natural gas and petroleum resources. Therefore, breach scenarios involving inadvertent drilling by future generations must be considered. The EPA Standards 40 CFR 191 (EPA, 1985, App. B) prescribed a limit of assuming 30 boreholes/km2/10,000 years, which was based on the drilling frequency in the WIPP site vicinity in 1970s. Judging by the number of producing wells, drilling activity around the WIPP site in 1992 and the number of applications to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for new drilling permits, the oil and gas resources in the WIPP area are much more prolific than previously considered. This fact must be taken into account in the assessment of the WIPP's compliance with the EPA Standards.

Since the WIPP repository is designed to rely on geologic isolation for 10,000 years, consideration of the various geologic features and processes are very important to assess the capability of the site to keep. the waste isolated from the environment. The impact of the potentially deleterious geologic factors on the repository will be judged on the results of consequence analyses of potential breach scenarios.

See the New Mexico Oil & Gas Fracking Issues Map
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