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LL waste deadline 9-21
Quote:from a distance
September 13, 2015 at 3:06 pm
Enenewsers, you're just going to have to face the fact that your work will NEVER be done.
You'll be needed to submit comments many times in the future, so think of it as part of your daily chores, like brushing your teeth:
ANOTHER effort by the NRC needs your comments —>
>>> "New NRC so-called “Low-Level” Nuclear Waste Dump Rules Would Allow More than 33 Times Higher Radiation than High Level Dumps! And 20 Times more than from Operating Nuclear Power Reactors!"
>>> “The NRC proposed regulations allow 25 mr/year” [0.25 mSv] “during operation but up to and beyond 500 millirems per” [5 mSv] “year from so called “low-level” radioactive waste disposal sites. The proposed rule allows so-called “low-level” nuclear waste disposal sites, after closure, to emit more than 20 times more radioactivity than operating nuclear power reactors (3) under the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations. 1 in 25 adults exposed to 500 mr/year” [5 mSv per year] “will get cancer, (4) assuming a lifetime dose (which is permitted by the rule)"
Comment deadline September 21st –
Submit a sentence or two here —>

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