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Codes Covid Corner
AJMC®: Returning to COVID-19: It seems to be associated with a range of symptoms. Some people who get it, for instance, have reports of blood clots and neurological symptoms, and then a minority of children are coming down with that autoimmune COVID-19–related syndrome. Do you think this will always remain a respiratory disease or do you think it might someday become a systemic disease for some people?

Fauci: I think it already is a systemic disease for some people—we’re just not recognizing the full implications of the pathogenesis and the clinical manifestations. I don’t think it necessarily is going to evolve to do more systemically, but I think what we’ll likely see are more surprises like the multisystem inflammatory disease in children, MIS-C. I think we likely will see, as time goes by, some postinfection sequelae that we’ll only realize as we do good follow-up in natural history studies. The scope of the seriousness of this infection is extraordinary—from people who get a stuffy nose and a little sore throat and ache and they get better, to people who spend 14 days with a sustained fever and come out wiped out with a postviral dystonia, to people who have serious lung involvement that either puts them in the hospital or creates intubation needs, to people who die. I mean, that range of severity is really, in many respects, unprecedented. So I think we still have a lot to learn about the disease of COVID-19.

Interesting, published the same day the antibody results started trickling in...

I will post the link. It's buried.

"People are crazy creepy, its quite the disappointment"


..I plan to cure the lab flu infection. First, I need to wallpaper to get this run off my desk... Sorry for the delay with my experience...
The oregano water put my load in check, suddenly. Then, NAC seemed to regulate dying of the tissue and allowed my heart and lungs to produce more oxygen, which was a synergistic envelope for all of my organs. It was so much help in my lungs! I think the NAC may have been one of three life saving approaches for me. That, glutathione, coq10, maybe cayenne. I had been out of glut for ages, though it's a staple for my autoimmune disease and related things. Amazing supplement....Didn't add it until the end. It's what ended it. Thank you danger kitty.
I read here "holes in brain...autopsy". I read "tentacles", "postcovid heart failure" I instantly related. Cayenne allayed the arythmias, palpitations and newly developed COPD. It also helps deliver vitamins quickly. The fever came in spikes. They never stopped. My vision was affected. Is. Heart, injured,, lungs, 1/3 capacity. Never had pneumonia. Just dying tissue. Kidneys, ouch. Liver...skin...pancrease, brain, hormones, adrenals. (I noticed this early on.) My pancrease was having spasms, too.
Red sage, burdock, ashwaghanda, astragalus, milk thistle, cordyceps, mullein/comfrey* (this was an emergency tea I made when my next option was hospital. Hypoxia is real. I mention because it worked enough, along with the top 3 and more.) niacin, arginine...

These are just the ones, without going to inventory, I recall had a noticeable affect on its intended target. There are more and I will add. Hard to reason...

I am not a doctor. I am an unlicensed hillbilly zombie. Do not take this as medical advice. Do not get information from the Internet and apply it to your health and nutrition routine, without talking to your doctor. Do not attempt this at home. The FDA has not evaluated any statement made about a vitamin, herb or supplement. This post is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease or illness. [insert CDC link to Covid here]

I'll wallpaper somewhere else, but not because you don't like my dirty mask- but because you're the one that showed there is no threshold for metering established.

Edit: add baking soda, garlic and rhodiola. Add oregano oil to pivotal list...
Coincidently, cordyceps is the fungus growing from the ants head. We harvest from hay, now.

Hat tip, DK
thanks HHD

Ive been reading about the long haulers.  Unless youre a long hauler, you wouldnt know

My thoughts go to co infections, even leaky gut syndrome, those pesky lipopolysaccharides

Covid can hide in saliva and neurons

The length of infection seems to be much longer on average than I thought.  Its a 1.5 month long disease for everyone, and more for the long haulers
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
But they are said to test negative at nasal <10 days, leading me to ask, mask aside, is Covid spread through blood, intercourse, etc, when the standard nasal swab is negative???

And remember the children whom had a negative nasal swab and positive biopsy on the skin.
Thousands Who Got COVID-19 in March Are Still Sick - The Atlantic


Many are not believed, "there is no such thing"..

Extinction foretold.. Extinction ignored.. 
Edited list above.
thanks for the list of your self treatments HHD.  I will ponder them.  I finally ordered a nebulizer

some studies that may pertain to the discussion

Iodine mouth-rinse found effective and patients without nasal virus have it in saliva.  If you think of the gastrointestinal tract like a thirty foot worm, with that mouth, teeth and tongue at one end,  look into deep space and say "I AM", it makes you feel kind of weird.   Just an observation...

In the dental field, they find a 1% provodone iodine rinse is an effective intervention.  But they also find patients with covid in saliva but not in the nose;

"A casual finding in this study was the detection of viral RNA in saliva samples in 2 patients with negative  PCR  of  nasopharyngeal  exudate.  We  do  not  know  if  these  patients  are  shedding  live viruses or virions coated with host antibodies that render them non-infectious. In any case, other researchers have achieved similar results, proposing that patients who have recovered should be discharged  only  after  obtaining  2  negative  throat  samples  and  1  negative  saliva  sample.  If  a saliva check is not performed, they recommend that, after being given a hospital discharge, the patient should remain in social isolation for least 14 days (Azzi et al., 2020b).In  summary,  given  that  a  PVP-I  rinse  is  a  simple,  inexpensive  and  practically  innocuous intervention...


viral shedding for 20 days...maybe longer

in Syrian hamsters "The viral RNA persisted in the lungs and nasal turbinates till days 14 and 21, respectively. This observation was in line with a recent study that reported viral shedding up to a median period of 20 days in COVID-19 survivors"


In a meta study, duration of infectivity remains uncertain. 

 "113 studies conducted in 17 countries. The evidence from upper
respiratory tract samples suggests that the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 peaks around symptom
onset or a few days thereafter, and becomes undetectable about two weeks after symptom
onset; however, viral loads from sputum samples may be higher, peak later and persist for
longer. There is evidence of prolonged virus detection in stool samples, with unclear clinical
No study was found that definitively measured the duration of infectivity; however, patients
may not be infectious for the entire duration of virus detection, as the presence of viral
ribonucleic acid may not represent transmissible live virus. "

indoor air

a mathematical study of infectivity of various viruses including covid suggests indoor air quality is important

"transmission probability is strongly driven by indoor air quality, followed by patient infectiousness, and the least by respiratory protection from medical face mask use. Airborne infection transmission of pathogens such as measles virus and coronaviruses is likely to occur in the dental practice. The risk magnitude, however, is highly dependent on specific conditions in each dental clinic. Improved indoor air quality by ventilation, which reduces carbon dioxide, is the most important factor that will either strongly increase or decrease the probability of the transmission of a pathogen."


This study finds covid can remain  in body fluids for around 45 days

"In this study, we estimated the time for COVID-19 case-patients to clear SARS-CoV-2 RNA in the acute phase of infection through an AFT-based modeling study. We found persistent shedding of virus RNA in nasopharyngeal swab and feces samples. The estimated time until loss of virus RNA detection ranged from 45.6 days for nasopharyngeal swab samples to 46.3 days for feces samples in mild cases and from 48.9 days for nasopharyngeal swab samples to 49.4 days for feces samples in severe cases, which was longer than those of SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV"


sexual transmission?  what do they know...but its a start

 In this cohort of patients with a recent infection or recovering from COVID-19, there was no SARS-CoV-2 RNA detected in semen samples, which indicates the unlikely possibility of sexual transmission through semen at about 1 month after first detection.


For all of our pride, theres no getting around the fact we are  a gut bucket  "I have a gut, therefor I am"  famous quote

"These findings suggest that SARS-CoV-2 may be able to actively infect and replicate in the GI tract. Moreover, GI infection could be the first manifestation antedating respiratory symptoms; patients suffering only digestive symptoms but no respiratory symptoms as clinical manifestation have also been reported. Thus, the implications of digestive symptoms in patients with COVID-19 is of great importance. In this review, we summarise recent findings on the epidemiology of GI tract involvement, potential mechanisms of faecal-oral transmission, GI and liver manifestation, pathological/histological features in patients with COVID-19 "



A gut bucket with a brain and lung axis.   This seems important

"COVID-19, a novel infectious disease, caused by SARS-CoV-2, affected millions of people around the world with a high mortality rate. Although SARS-CoV-2 mainly causes lung infection, gastrointestinal symptoms described in COVID-19 patients and detection of the viral RNA in feces of infected patients drove attentions to a possible fecal-oral transmission route of SARS-CoV-2. However, not only the viral RNA but also the infectious viral particles are required for the viral infection and no proof has been demonstrated the transmission of the infectious virus particles via the fecal-oral route yet. Growing evidence indicates the crosstalk between gut microbiota and lung, that maintains host homeostasis and disease development with the association of immune system. This gut-lung interaction may influence the COVID-19 severity in patients with extrapulmonary conditions.

We believe that gut microbiota contributes to the course of COVID-19 due to its bidirectional relationship with immune system and lung. Dysbiosis in gut microbiota results in gut permeability leading to secondary infection and multiple organ failure. Conversely, disruption of the gut barrier integrity due to dysbiosis may lead to translocation of SARS-CoV-2 from the lung into the intestinal lumen via circulatory and lymphatic system. This review points out the role of dysbiosis of the gut microbiota involving in sepsis, "



the gut microbes have lipopolysaccharides which, if they get into the body, cause big problems, including sepsis and death.  That gut barrier, the one keeping our 30 foot long eating worm, sorry 'alimentary canal' contents from the rest of us is important.  There is enough lipopolysaccharide in that thing to kill you several times over by cytokine hurricanes.   Likewise, infections in the blood, like borrelia can cause the same havok for the same reason.  This may make people with pre existing bacterial diseases more prone to negative  covid outcomes.  its inflammation in a word.  Lyme is  estimated to affect 300,000 people a year in the United States,  "the fastest growing vector-borne disease in the United States"  https://www.lymedisease.org/tick-borne-coinfections/

See the list of coinfections, babesia rickettsia bartonella etc

"Ticks Transmit 94% of Vector-Borne Diseases"

well heck, give me a bat anyday then.  If co infections are a factor in long term covid, you can bet the gut barrier and tick vectors are going to play a part in it.  3 million infected by lyme over a ten year period in the U.S. many with chronic conditions.  And how long ago was it the health authorities were rudely dismissing lyme, much like they do now with morgellons.  What a bunch of stuck up gut buckets in the medical field!  My 30 foot toothed GI tract is likely to attack when it gets close to theirs....and you know I have a hard time controlling the thing
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout


You've got something there.

From a personal standpoint, everything is absolutely spot on.

The oregano is my strongest antiviral and as I said, took the viral load (in my gut) so I could start the long haul from the lipposachwhats sepsis.

Code, this web page has a list of articles by an accomplished herbalist called Stephan Harrod Buhner.
Under the heading Medicine/Herbs/Healing you will find at the bottom of list...
                 Coronavirus Protocol

    It is an 80 page PDF. Listing all the necessary herbs to counter covid.
It includes specifics about using a nebulizer with glutathione. I didnt really have lung symptoms so i havent tried nebulizers.
   Buhner also describes the disease in a comprehensive & detailed manner, months before mainstream medicine was catching on that this aint yer grandfather's flu.
don't stir up the hot particles
Heres the bit about nebulizer...used with permission
Its page 46 & 47 of the PDF  linked above.

Nebulizer: 1) The use of a nebulizer will help a lot. These are available inexpensively  through Amazon.com. All of them seem to work fine, I  use a Leader brand, not sure it is the best but it works okay  for me. The nebulizer cups that comes with these machines are not generally  very good. You will need to get a different kind. 2. The nebulizer cup. Respironics is the brand I  use. You can get them on the internet but not from the company  that makes them without a prescription – which I  find idiotic. They  make two kinds (also idiotic). One is very  cheap and is listed as disposable (don’t get), the other is noted as re-usable.  Get the re-usable one.  Just wash it out after use with very  hot water and soap. The reusable one will stand up to essential oils if washed well after use. Mine last for a very  long  time, months. The disposable ones will begin to degrade from the essential oils within a few days and you will start inhaling  microparticles of plastic. Very  much  not  a good idea. 3. You will also need: Saline solution for nebulizers. I  use modudose saline solution inhalation sold by  Amazon, 5 ml each, 100 to a box,  $16.50. One 5 ml container per session. 4. Also needed: Effervescent glutathione capsules. Glutathione is a potent antioxident, normally  present in the surfactant liquid in the lungs. People with severe lung  infections and disease tend to have low levels of all antioxidants including  glutathione. This will help reduce the inflammation in the lungs. I  dissolve a single capsule in the 5 ml saline solution I  have already  put in the nebulizer cup. (It will fizz  and foam when you first put it in the liquid . . . after you have finally  gotten the capsule apart that is.) I  think Thernaturals, Reduced L-glutathione plus, enhanced absorption, ultra purity  grade is the best one to use. It costs $37.00 for 100 capsules. This will last a bit over three months.
don't stir up the hot particles
Heres a Twitter post I  just came across about long tail covid.
Very descriptive & well written.

don't stir up the hot particles
DKitty, thanks so much for the Buhner links.  You had posted one before which I read in full.  Great stuff, and it made me think of incorporating his main herb scutillaria.

In my experience, Im with HDD on the oregano as the number one pathogen fighter, although for viruses, clove seems to do well too.  Has penetrating action!  

Im going to order some theranaturals glutathione, the one he mentions.   I just forgot he had that section on nebulizing. Info overload 

Herbs are a lot less than pharmaceuticals but you still end up spending a fortune, relatively speaking.  Where is that permaculture community where we grow our own?   Saw a great place in Costa Rica...but they rely on tourism and now everybody is broke

I listed many herbs in the threads, usually backed by state of the art biochemistry computerized searches. But I think when people get sick, its too much to look em up and buy.

I didnt know you and HHD had covid.  Glad you survived it!   Share your personal experience, if you would.  Thanks

Strange times.  About like I always imagined it would be, except the final blows, which seem ominously approaching.  There was always going to be a great equalization with the poorest countries as the economics will seek water level.  I dont think the U.S. will be as bad as Bangladesh for a number of years.  If only the motive of man wasnt pure selfish profit.   Oops, forgot the great benevolent Bill Gates, what was I thinkin?
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
fascinating read from Dani's twitter.  I hadnt been exposed to the long hauler story until HHD shared it.  Ominous bummer.   Never let your megalomaniac authorities play god in a bioweapons lab.  And, how I see it, judged by the timing and push of the vaccine narrative, they must have thought they had the vaccine pretty well ready to go.  Theyve been working on it for years.   Now they play dumb on TV while raking in their 400k salary or cashing in their 25 million vaccine stock before people realize the vaccine doesnt work.     Dont get me wrong, maybe they will make a successful one, but I dont think thats their number one priority, frankly


btw Kevin Blanch thinks Covid came from a fukushima mutation.   It doesnt have to to implicate fallout though, the ubiquitous inflammatory. 

Marshallese people represent 1% of Spokane County’s population and nearly a third of its COVID-19 cases

mankind; not as great as he thinks he is
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
most people who have battled autoimmune ailments have heard of low dose naltrexone.  Here is a place thats doing a trial with low dose naltrexone and ketamine.   


Ive never tried ketamine.  it has anti inflammatory properties with these side effects

Complete separation from one’s body; significantly diminished ego defenses; visits to mythological realms of consciousness; encounters with non-terrestrial beings; emotionally intense visions (e.g., deceased relatives, spirits); vivid dreams of past and future incarnations; re-experiencing the birth process...Ecstatic state of the dissolution of boundaries between the self and external reality; complete dissolution of one’s body and self (soul); transcending normal mass/time/space continuum; collective consciousness; unity with Nature/Universe; sacredness

we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Great stuff! Love you all sooo much.

    Humans, the stupidest species to claim intelligence

I throw marijuana in the freezer, crumbling it up and making tea out of it....heals a lot. Been doing it a while. Make sure you grow your own or intimately know your source.

Middle finger to you establishment. I'm ready.

Capitalism.... a convenient rename for colonialism....yeah a big FU

No needles going into any part of my body....I will indeed fight that to the death and stare into the eye as death shows up wether it be me them or both.
I take care of my elderly father with many conditions that my family basically wrote off 3 years ago. I have gotten him off of 70% of his original pharmaceuticals... it was a battle, drastic nutrition change...all sorts of withdrawals came with that, some he won't give up... maybe he shouldn't? He just swallowed what ever they put in front of him be it he was somewhat enabled in that sense. He would lay in bed for days when he first got here...he has a pacemaker, one functional lung and can't use his left arm, get out of bed, sit up or down nor walk by himself. Though he has gained weight and we go for several walks each day and I got an electric pedal bike that he can use while sitting in his electric scooter and now when I stand him up he can stand on his own for several minutes....and Now this coupled with numb nut humans.... it's been.  You know they are coming for me....they don't know who they will be effing with. 
  One last thing.... meditate meditate meditate. Study pictures of nerve pathways and blood vessels and organs and most definitely the hypothalamus. Invision..... it's the universe.

Thanks, sorry, I'm done.
Low Dose Naltrexone  has  shown promise in the treatment of many diseases such as Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and chronic fatigue syndrome

Low Dose Naltrexone  has been proven to reduce several pro-inflammatory cytokines in the treatment of other diseases. 
In this video Dr. Phil Boyle, an Irish physician has  proposed the immune enhancing effects of LDN for COVID-19 prophylaxis at doses of 3 mg to 4.5 mg nightly.  Taken at night, endorphins are boosted up to 3 x.  
People with fibromyalgia may have lower than normal endorphin levels

The apparent effectiveness of LDN to treat crohn's disease may have relevance to covid infection.  

naltrexone is prescription but you can get it reliably from an offshore pharmacy.  

DHEA has nice results in my experience

Dr Boyle also suggests pregnenolone, a sort of master hormone.   melatonin has been recommended.  So there are three hormonal paths to treatment.  Vit D has been suggested to have hormone like action.  This has significance for the elderly become hormones are reduced with age.
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout

Caregiving....its a huge thing.  Dont worry if you cant do it all.  Old age means problems without solutions. Its heartbreaking.

Its great to see health improve as pharmaceutical drugs are reduced.  Tough road, as you noted.  Statins...big problem there.  Battle with coq10.    One drug is needed to counter act the side effects from the first one and now you need a third drug.  Nobody can tease apart cause and effect with that cocktail, especially the doctors who never see/ live with the patient.  Eventually, hospice can be a great thing, IMHO.   Finally, they get some morphine on the way out

best of luck to you and your period of service to dad
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout

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