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March 2020
Carry the torch, humans.

     "The Fukushima crisis itself did not directly kill anyone, but some 470,000 people were estimated to have fled their home to seek shelter in the first days of the triple earthquake-tsunami-meltdown disaster."

The torch of lies is wielded mightily by the few and made to burden the whole.

nine years after the fukushima disaster, the accident details are still not totally known.  Where is the corium?  Indeed, IS there corium?

"observed data does not support the existence of the large radiation heat sources attributable to corium."


Did Fuku unit 2 melt down or particle down?

"SAMPSON predicted the damage to the upper part of the fuel assemblies near the core center and RPV failure due to creep rupture. More than 91 wt% of the core debris relocated to the lower plenum was as particles, and the major constituents were UO2, Zr, and ZrO2 by SAMPSON analysis."


In unit 4 SFP, the explosion is a mystery.  The hydrogen could have come from electrolysis.

“radiation-induced electrolysis” is more likely than radiolysis (Saji, 2016). It clarifies that the hydrogen generation may not have been from the high temperature zirconium– steam reaction. A short overview of the hydrogen generation mechanisms is summarized in Annex B. Rather it is more likely due to “radiation-induced electrolysis” occurring with a “different radiation cell” configuration (Saji, 2017). With this mechanism, a large amount of hydrogen is generated before the loss of the reactor water level. It also explains the root cause of the hydrogen explosion that occurred in Unit 4,

we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Questions remain about the evolution of the disaster.  Extremely high ratios of iodine to cesium indicate a scenario.

"A new emissions event with extremely high ratios of 131I/137Cs during March 21–25, 2011
A possible mechanism for a large amount of radioiodine production in the FD1NPP would be caused by the direct effect of water supply to the FD1NPP for a few or several days, as Hidaka and Ishikawa37 estimated radioiodine release due to accumulated water. However, it is unknown which units were responsible for this event"



The toxic health effects from the huge release of radioactive iodine is oddly missing in the discussion of the Fukushima impact.  It is often said the short half life means there is none left and therefore not a health concern.  Studies of Chernobyl show this attitude is as ridiculous as it sounds.  The full  impact of the radioactive iodine wont be seen for years.  Meanwhile,  effects are downplayed and denied.   This is a recurring theme associated with 'leaders' in societies around the world.  It deserves focussed psychological and sociological study if we are to achieve a civil society. Why must the public always beg for truth and transparency?

The measurement of Cs-137, even though its the dominant currently existing radionuclide, is only a proxy for the entire radioactive dose potential, which includes pre existing metabolic influences from nuclear bombs and accidents,  high radioactive iodine exposure and other fallout species, including nuclear fuel particles. 

The pre existence of Cs-137 due to bomb tests around 1970 has a negative effect on metabolic factors which predispose animals to negative effects from short bursts of radioactive iodines from subsequent nuclear accidents.


Even 'low' levels of nuclear fallout have long lasting negative health effects on a variety of organ systems.

"There were determined negative effects of 137Cs radionuclides incorporated into the
human organism on the state of vitally important systems, first of all, on cardiovascular,
endocrine, reproductive, digestive, urinary and immune systems (Bandazhevsky Yu.I.
and co-authors)."


137Cs radionuclides incorporation in schoolchildren causes the disorder of
electrophysiological processes in cardiac muscle shown by the disorder of cardiac beat
rate.  85% of children who have a mere 70 to 100 bq/kg of Cs 137 have ECG arrhythmia.  This is the same quantity of radiation naturally occurring from potassium


the ECRR model predicted (with data available in the early days of the Fukushima disaster) a 30% or more increase in cancers over the 10 years following irradiation in Fukushima, for those who live within a radius of 100 km around the site. It predicted 100,000 additional cancer cases in this area, based on an average contamination of 300 kBq / m2 of Cs137, and a population of 3.3 million 

Some of these disastrous effects may come to light,  while much may be obscured.

"After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the incidence of congenital heart disease among children in neighboring countries increased; in view of this, Nagoya City University in Japan studied the data after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and published the results ... It was found that there was a significant increase in the number of complex newborn heart abnormalities in Japan (Number of operations). The study was also published in a special journal of the American Heart Association and reported by the mainstream American media.."  But not widely shown in the media

"According to a press release from Nagoya City University, post-disaster neonatal complex cardiac abnormalities (number of operations), atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD) increased by 47.7%, complete aortic transposition type III increased by 35%, aortic constriction combined with single ventricle There was an increase of 34.2%, and there were 9 types of abnormal increase (below), and the other 20 types did not decrease significantly. Overall, there was a statistically significant increase of 14.2%. The complex cardiac abnormalities of newborns after the disaster increased significantly. Photo Credit: Nagoya City University."

we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Nuclear radiation, the miracle poison.    It's  poisonous while it's in containment, which is why they need containment.  But as soon as it escapes containment,  it miraculously causes no risk of cancer above background radiation.   Which is why it no longer needs containment!

The only requirement is public funded monitoring
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
The difference between an accidental nuclear radiation release and a terrorist nuclear radiation release; the first one is never a threat which happens frequently while the second one is always a threat which hasnt happened (not counting Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

nuclear fallout;  it is literally everywhere on earth except in safe long term storage.


How to violate Newton's third law which says every action must have a reaction;    have a nuclear catastrophe


dogs died in a month when exposed to 140 MBq/kg   =9800 MBq  for a 70 kg person

1 petabecquerel = 1,000,000,000 megabecquerel

Cs-137 Cs-134 released from Fukushima was about 35 petaBq,  enough to kill 3.5 million people (or 10 million dogs) in a month.  Now thats a lot of poison, how could it possibly be harmless?

Cs-137 causes cardiomyopathies at 100 Bq/kg, (in children when ingested as nuclear fallout, as per Belarus studies). Fukushima emissions would be enough to sicken  5,000,000,000,000 people,  600 times as many people on earth if the entire amount of fallout were ingested.  80% fell into the ocean and some fraction was consumed by life.

Yet we are told nothing is harmed and animals thrive!    Field studies showing harm are dismissed.


Method of rendering  nuclear waste safe;  let it out of containment.  Known as the Nuke'm Dupe'm method


From Yuri Bandazhevsky
'Radioactive Cesium and the Heart'

"Children in the Svetilovichi village, with an average accumulation of 137Cs at 100 Bq/kg of body weight, showed significant clinical signs of heart failure: heart pain, faint heart sounds, and a systolic murmur on auscultation. Attention is drawn to the presence of both arrhythmias and ischemic injuries in the same ECG. It is noted that the level of 137Cs incorporation in this case was significantly higher than those with the presence of either arrhythmia or ischemic injuries alone – 165.10 ± 8.47 Bq/kg (for children with arrhythmias - 84.61 ± 9.29 Bq/kg, p <0.05).
Accumulation of 137Cs is recorded also in young children and their mothers. ECG changes were detected in 98.1 % of the children and 90.3 % of the mothers, and these consisted mainly of metabolic disorders of the myocardium and arrhythmias. In children, metabolic myocardial disorders accounted for 88.4% (47.1% in isolation, and 41.3 % in combination with disorders of intraventricular conduction). Conduction disorders, presented mainly as incomplete right bundle branch blocks, were observed in 45.8 % of the children. The normal ECG was recorded in only 3 children (1.9 %).
ECG changes in mothers also included metabolic abnormalities and arrhythmias (automaticity and conduction disturbances). In 83.2 % of the tested children hypocalcemia was observed; 39.5 % of the children showed an increase in the activity of alanine aminotransferase and 74.6% showed an increase in aspartate aminotransferase..."

and autopsy studies with mice

"The daily oral administration of a 180 Bq solution of 137Cs, administered for 6 days, resulted in the average 137Cs concentration in the albino rats of 991.00 ± 76.00 Bq/kg (control group 6.70 ± 2.36 Bq/kgb, p <0.01) on the 8th day of the experiment. It should be noted that in the experimental group, 5 (41.7%) animals died on the 5th and 6th days of the experiment, with the 137Cs accumulation in the bodies equaling more than 1,000 Bq/kg. In the macroscopic study, a marked hemorrhage in the internal organs was revealed. In the microscopic study of kidney tissues, damage of structural elements of the glomeruli was recorded. Majority of the damage was necrosis of the epithelium and the vascular network, resulting in their complete disappearance and the subsequent formation of a cavity. In the tubules, vacuolar and granular degeneration was detected as well as necrosis of the epithelial cells."

"....It should be noted that in the case of a 137Cs accumulation in the range of 100-150 Bq/kg, lymphohistiocytic infiltrates can be seen in the myocardium as the reaction of the immune system. The accumulation of 1,000-1,500 Bq/kg of 137Cs, which is 10 times more, becomes incompatible with life, as this causes the total dystrophy and loss of many of the cardiomyocytes."

Damage of cell structures under the influence of 137Cs was seen in the liver and the kidneys, in addition to the myocardium. Of particular note is a degenerative process occurring in the glomerular apparatus of the kidneys. Even at a relatively low level of 137Cs incorporation at 30-50 Bq/kg, a loss of cellular elements of individual glomeruli was seen, along with the formation of characteristic cavities...."

If I remember correctly,  100 Bq/kg of cesium on food is the allowable level in Japan and 1000 bq/kg  the allowable limit in the U.S.
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Carry the nuclear torch,  you monkeys

Monkeys demonstrate more cognitive flexibility than humans
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
we arent waiting for dystopia, were living it.  Every bit of land carved up into human territory,  with no regard for animals and scant regard for indigenous peoples.  Wild animals in the oceans, in the air and on land have been decimated.  Every person is under strict control by so called leadership.  The threat of nuclear armageddon and germ warfare puts the clock of doom to one minute before midnight.   You cant get off the planet, you cant leave your hovell, every movement is constrained by laws.  The human species is megalomaniac.  People everywhere swept up in propaganda. Coming up to 8 billion people.  Nearly 7 in 10 Americans Take Prescription Drugs, (Mayo Clinic, Olmsted Medical Center Find)  The only thing one can do is watch as they drive it to hell.  Patriots everywhere are proud, for me its a sci fi nightmare.

The lonely planet in vast empty space....how can people possibly think this is good? The living world does not and never will belong to humans

[Image: Flag-map_of_the_world_%282017%29.png]
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Nuclear atrocities, seems they will never end.

Here is an older observation on the unit three fiasco:

I'm not all there with pressure systems and co-mingling of chemicals but AST from the  Enenews days had a good take on it. Though I don't have his comments about it. AST be well.

Code if you get a chance maybe you could weigh in on that theory..
Dr. Busby uses the governments own data to expose them.

"They panicked. A big report was prepared by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), entitled: Final Report to the Congressional Defense Committees in Response to the Joint Explanatory Statement Accompanying the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2014, page 90, “Radiation Exposure” [2]. Never use one word when ten will do."


A forensic analysis of Fukushima is beyond the scope of anyone but experts in the field. 

I believe that scientists have a good idea of what happened at Fukushima but the truth is not told.   

A dispassionate review of history results in the inevitable conclusion that countries and corporations collude to obscure information regarding any event that threatens profits or government control.  This is not limited to Japan or China or Iran, as we in the U.S. are lead to believe.  Its a human condition seen in all countries. The media is complicit.  For the stray reader, this is not conspiracy theory, its proven and admitted, one need only do the research or read books on the subject. 

 If you look at nuclear history,  even back in the days of slide rules, the forensics were very sophisticated.  The SL-1 accident, a criticality, happened in 1961.  Scientists were using slide rules or sophisticated hand crank calculators like this

 [Image: harwell-dekatron-calculator.jpg]

I think its interesting and enlightening to see how much detail even a summary description reveals;

"On December 21, 1960, the reactor was shut down for scheduled maintenance, and the primary crew of operators left for the holidays. In the meantime, a maintenance crew of three operators took over at the facility. On January 3 at 9:01pm, as the reactor was being prepared to come back online, procedures required that the central control rod be manually withdrawn by a matter of inches. Specifically, the safe limit of extension was to be reached at 4.2 inches. However, the rod was instead extended approximately 20 inches. Since the control rods regulate the rate of the fission reaction by absorbing excess neutrons released by the U-235 atoms (with 2.4 released per atom on average) and maintaining a steady rate of neutrons allowed to cause new fission events (i.e. an effective neutron multiplication factor, or k-effective, of 1), the removal of the central rod past its safe limit caused the reactor to achieve prompt criticality.  Consequently, only four milliseconds later, enough heat was generated in the surrounding water to cause it to vaporize. This released an extremely concentrated amount of steam up from the reactor, causing the entire housing (weighing 26,000 lbs.) to jump 9.1 feet vertically, and for control rods and various other pieces of the assembly to be propelled upwards with great enough force to become lodged into the ceiling. The blast immediately knocked Army Specialists John A. Byrnes  and Richard Leroy McKinley to the floor, killing Byrnes (the reactor operator) and severely injuring McKinley (a trainee). The third man, Navy Seabee Construction Electrician First Class Richard C. Legg (26, and the shift supervisor), who had been standing atop the vessel, was himself impaled and pinned to the ceiling. While nearby crews were alerted to the emergency through an alarm system, and bravely exposed themselves to dangerous levels of radiation in an effort to help the operators, all three eventually passed, with McKinley found alive but later succumbing to his injuries".

They were buried in lead lined caskets.  The never ending story of nuclear catastrophe had begun. 

Just compare the forensic reports of Fukushima in todays super computer world to the SL-1 disaster.  They read like eighth grade level stuff.  I dont believe todays science is that dumb.  The dirty truth is not getting out.

Following Fukushima the biggest brains at Sandia and G.E.  and Oak Ridge....they were assembled for a round the clock effort, pouring over the data.  Supercomputers at work.  The work would no doubt continue into the minutest detail.  They had access to sophisticated data gathering.  They would have forensic scenarios down to milliseconds.  

While the lies of TEPCO are exposed (I had posted a timeline of TEPCO lies but it went with the former admin),  the full extent of imposed or simply willing censorship can be gleaned by some inconvenient truths that filter out.

An example is Unit 4.   Stohl had done one of the most extensive emissions reconstruction efforts which showed that TEPCO was lowballing the estimate and that a large amount of radiation came from unit 4.   This is further corroborated by radionuclide ratios from samples taken in europe.  It's virtually conclusive; the unit 4 explosion released lots of radiation.   TEPCO has had to increase its estimates of emissions and apologize for lying...this is old news.  But interestingly, nobody has criticized the Stohl paper, and it's still used as reference.  The thing is, everybody simply ignores the Unit 4 conclusion.  How is this possible?  Isnt it embarrassing for anyone?  

Unit 4 explosion must have been caught on video...where is it?  Where are the accident forensics? Sandia had gone as far as to calculate how far the water levels would have to be in the pool for the accident progression in the given time frame.  They stopped short of making any conclusions.   To this day everyone, including independent reporters like SimplyInfo buy into the TEPCO story of 100% success of fuel removal.  The unlikely wafting of hydrogen over from the smoking steaming ruins of unit 3 never questioned.

The only thing that the industry cant deny is four exploded melted nuclear reactors, and they very nearly deny one of them.  Perhaps hydrogen explosions are the most benign sort of explanation.  But how many types of explosive scenarios are possible? Two?  Five?  Seven?  The dirty truth would be a black mark on an already disastrous industrial setback.  The effort, as always, is damage control.   

The explanation offered by Guy   (aka TerraHertz) in your link tries to explain the three explosions of unit three in terms of a repeating compaction of fuel.  He gave it a shot.

By simple observation, we can see that the fuel pool was a centroid of action.  But also there is severe destruction in the area where likely there were isolation condensers.  Condensers  have long been a suspicion of mine in unit 4 also.  

An area too low to be seen is the suppression torus.  Explosions in the torus were heard.  

The impression I get is that the design was a rattle trap.  The torus didnt work right, the valves didnt work right, the bolts of the reactor pressure vessel stretched.  The control rods coming from the bottom is a failure point.   

The flashing of the torus may have ruptured connections and valves, there was the flooding of the secondary containment.  Extremely hot particulate and gas may have escaped into the condensers or into the spent fuel pool as well as down into the dry well.  Steam explosions may have been a part of the scenario,  more hydrogen production and aerosol dispersion of explosive material may have lead to more explosions.  There might have been criticalities.  Each reactor seems to suffered a different explosion scenario. 

The concrete cap of the secondary containment cap has walls that seem to be simply stacked.  Also there is a door that can allow water flow from the drywell space to the SFP and perhaps the equipment pool.  High pressure momentary lift of the containment cap perhaps shot super hot compressed steam and particulate into one or both pools, causing steam/hydrogen explosions.  The equipment pool has been expanded by pressure, visible in the top, planview photos.  There seem to be gaps around the concrete plug system.  The spent fuel pool seems to have acted like a short barrel canon blowing the girders and roof to smithereens.  There is evidence of a back flow in the so called negative pressure phase,  blowing the smaller girders in toward the blast epicenter.  One can calculate roughly the speeds of the explosion.  Slow compared to unit 1.  But hundreds of miles per hour, enough for severe aerodynamic forces.  the columns that supported the upper walls were massive.  The columns with bundles of rebar just snapped.  A tremendous explosion and a complete failure.  A terrible release of poison, enough to sicken huge amount of biomass.  A blunder by homo sapien and his inflated hubris and narrow minded greed.  

[Image: 220px-Reaktor.svg.png]

 It was a grand mess of a disaster.  A total failure on a huge scale.  No expense would be spared to make the best of it, including all the press releases and reports.

The three explosions of unit 3 remain a mystery.  Evenly spread with rather long intervals.  I dont see evidence of three explosions on the video.  I couldn't find seismic records.  Based on the time elapse, I get that a reflective surface would have to be 0.4 miles away for an echo. The audio in the video starts with a metallic scraping sound identical to one at the end.  Perhaps the audio is a loop of the same, single explosion.

This is the IAEA  report by the Director General.  To me, it reads like one big PR piece.  The heros, the great functionality as planned, no deaths, no harm etc.  No details.   An interesting thing is the number of IAEA member states listed on page three.  Over 150 countries and it looks like the entire world.  The IAEA and other nuclear institutes have a sophisticated network of public response communications.  This is the 'nuclear village'  which some see as a kind of global organized crime syndicate of sorts.  Of course the many sincere scientists and people working in the industry would not see it that way.  But just read anything from the World Nuclear Association.  Nuclear is glorious!

we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
"The disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March released far more radiation than the Japanese government has claimed

The study also suggests that, contrary to government claims, pools used to store spent nuclear fuel played a significant part in the release of the long-lived environmental contaminant caesium-137, which could have been prevented by prompt action. The analysis has been posted online for open peer review by the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

The new study challenges those numbers. On the basis of its reconstructions, the team claims that the accident released around 1.7 × 1019 Bq of xenon-133, greater than the estimated total radioactive release of 1.4 × 1019 Bq from Chernobyl.

The new model (old by now) shows that Fukushima released 3.5 × 1016 Bq caesium-137, roughly twice the official government figure, and half the release from Chernobyl.

The new analysis also claims that the spent fuel being stored in the unit 4 pool emitted copious quantities of caesium-137. Japanese officials have maintained that virtually no radioactivity leaked from the pool. Yet Stohl's model clearly shows that dousing the pool with water caused the plant's caesium-137 emissions to drop markedly

we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Thanks Code, yeah some know what took place, the extent of mayhem. SFP 4 quite the cover up...literally.
Cold shutdown was reported at first for the complex! Anyway there is more to come.
Not forgotten.


9th anniversary of triple disaster overshadowed by virus
Mar. 11 04:30 pm JST
I know I speak for all Pisces everywhere when I say I love your new avatar.
In with the new...
don't stir up the hot particles
Man, 3/11 starting to look like the good old days.
    Kinda. Different anyways.
don't stir up the hot particles
Had a long comment crafted, accidently clicked outside the comment box, went to main screen, came back and everything gones.....seems like a metaphor.    I can't write it again!

Aloha All

Nearly nothing on the web on Fukushima 9th anniversary.

Oar fish popping up and washing up, as well as dolphins. 

Oh I do have a Pandemic Calculator you can download, but I am kind of sick of  Corona everything.....

its at nukepro
The Shinzo Sizzle will continue....its a showcase!

"In his speech, Abe apologized for not holding an official memorial for the anniversary, saying it was a necessary step to contain the spread of the respiratory disease.

Abe also lauded the reconstruction of Japan’s disaster-struck region and said he hoped the Tokyo Olympics would be a chance for the country to showcase its recovery efforts."

(03-11-2020, 04:49 PM)stock Wrote: Had a long comment crafted, accidently clicked outside the comment box, went to main screen, came back and everything gones.....seems like a metaphor.    I can't write it again!

If you click outside the edit window click on the Preview Post and you'll have a page to get back to.

Aloha Stock, all the Corona everything makin' you sick? I'll bet its making Abe sick. Just when he thought Fuku wouldn't stop the show, nature sends another message.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Heads up. US currently retaliating in Iraq @ Iranian sites.

Dude, your DM's are private. I cant DM back...
We always ask what have we done because we don't know what we are doing.

(03-12-2020, 07:25 PM)Jebus Wrote: Dude, your DM's are private. I cant DM back...

Jebus, was Dude able to PM you?  I'd like to know because turning off PM for a member was to stop spammers from using the PM system and I want to know how its working.  Dude hadn't done anything wrong but he's had to change internet providers several times recently and some IPs he was using were also being used by spammers.  When I let him in using the flaky IPs I turned off his PM privileges as a precaution.  I've been turning off PM for inactive and new members but they can PM me for reactivation.  The IP DUDe's been using lately has checked out clean so I could turn his PM back on if I could get a heads up when he changes providers again.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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