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Laser-boron fusion
Pioneering technology promises unlimited, clean and safe energy
Yolande Hutchinson
University New South Wales
Mon, 24 Feb 2020 18:13 UTC
Pioneering Australian technology holds promise of unlimited, clean and safe energy
Quote:The preferred fusion approach employed by most fusion groups is to heat Deuterium-Tritium fuel well beyond the temperature of the sun (or almost 15 million degrees Celsius). Rather than heating the fuel, HB11's hydrogen-boron fusion is achieved using two powerful lasers whose pulses apply precise non-linear forces to compress the nuclei together.

With experiments and simulations measuring a laser-initiated chain reaction creating one billion-fold higher reaction rates than predicted (under thermal equilibrium conditions), Dr Warren McKenzie, Managing Director of HB11 Energy, said the company stands a high chance of reaching the goal of 'net-energy gain' well ahead of other groups.
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