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Solar; the emerging paradigm that always was
An emerging paradigm is that renewables are on track to power mans civilizations, while nuclear, desperately touted as the only solution to climate change, is expensive, prone to catastrophic failure, and poisonous with no nuclear waste solution.  

The arguments of nuclear vs renewables continue, with nuclear grasping at straws to save its inevitable decline.

For the entire history of life on earth, it was solar powered (excepting geothermal vents and a few others).  Then mankind found fossil fuels and nuclear, and poisoned the planet, arguing these energy sources were absolutely indispensable.   After this extremely short period of environmental cataclysm, solar will again be the only energy source for the planet.  But even now,  mans energy sources are only one five thousandths of the solar energy which keeps the biosphere, with its odd megalomaniac child, mankind, alive

We Don't Need Solar And Wind To Save The Climate -- And It's A Good Thing, Too  [because all we need is nuclear]

Renewable energy versus nuclear: dispelling the myths
[countering the untruths of promoters of nuclear]

Nuclear power ‘cannot rival renewable energy'

At the current state of development, even with cheaper solar modules, solar power cant compete with nuclear power for baseload generation based on intermittency

Nuclear power is losing ground to renewables in terms of both cost and capacity as its reactors are increasingly seen as less economical and slower to reverse carbon emissions, an industry report said.

 Large-scale implementation of wind and solar generation to meet emissions reduction goals, especially if those goals include substituting electricity for fossil-fuel consumption, is simply not feasible, [therefor we need to stop subsidizing solar and wind and subsidize nuclear]

12 countries already essentially renewable [even as pro nuclearists claim its impossible!]

"A recent study by Stanford University researchers predicted that the world could be powered entirely by renewable energy in just 20 to 40 years from now. And given that we already have the technology, it’s not that hard to imagine.
Almost 50 countries that would be adversely affected by climate change have agreed to make their energy production 100% renewable by the year 2050 and countries all over the world are actively embracing solar, wind, and geothermal energy.
Here we look at 12 countries in particular who are leading the way in the switch to renewable energy."
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout

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