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The Chronicles Of Earth
In the halls of mankinds future, nature mimics the collective result...

Wildlife photos: Squabbling mice top 'people's poll' award

[Image: _110862357_samrowley.jpg]

First, Good to see you again Jebus! 

After Humans and their distorted power and economic growth sub-bubble obsessions.. 
For the next action shot of life one shall need an electron microscope me thinks.. 
Don't know if the matrix is constructed to allow imaginary selfies.. 

Nuclear power and harm to animals


Tigers may soon burn not so bright

wow, Bob Ross reincarnated.   The sales acumen, definitely a gift from God

She is getting better, in some respects, than Thomas Kinkade, RIP

'discovered' by Oprah.  Its a web blitz

from poverty to god

There was a series, about Russian spies in the U.S. "the Americans".   Her parents kind of remind me....

Akiane Kramarik: "Even though we lived in poverty, we were blessed with abundant happiness in our family
We were also entrusted with huge responsibilities as soon as we were able to walk (and we all walked quite early: 8 to 9 months). We cooked, did laundry, cleaned, took care of our sick dad, and walked with our mom, door to door, in two feet of snow selling food in different neighborhoods in order to make ends meet."

Plastic Earth

There should be a pause at the end.

High microplastic concentration found on ocean floor

Quote:The analysis, led by the University of Manchester, found up to 1.9 million plastic pieces per square metre.

These items likely included fibres from clothing and other synthetic textiles, and tiny fragments from larger objects that had broken down over time.

He commented: "We still have a very poor understanding of how much total plastic has accumulated in the oceans. There seems to be one emerging scientific consensus, which is that most of that plastic is not floating on the ocean surface.
"Many scientists now think that most of the plastic is likely to be on the ocean floor, but the water column and the beaches are also likely to contain major quantities.

"We really should all be completely focused on stopping plastic from entering the oceans in the first place."

[Image: _112051272_box.jpg]

Quote:The sediments were brought up as part of work on a seafloor pipeline...

We always ask what have we done because we don't know what we are doing.

First..do no harm.. 
Second..a human is composed of one thousand different lifeforms..what you do to the least amongst us, you did to ME.. 
Third..realise how many there must be on a beach.. 
Four..everything is interdepended interconnected

Spanish Beach Sprayed With Bleach, Causing “Brutal Damage” to Local Animals

Extinction foretold.. Extinction ignored..STRIKE!
Cold War nuclear tests changed rainfall thousands of miles away

Extinction foretold.. Extinction ignored..STRIKE!

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