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Unanswered Documented Environmental Impact Issues
Its a lenghty article but in a horrible to read format on the eyes , copy and paste in wordpad and suddenly its perfect..must be browser related..


For the VTR scoping issues:

Environmental Impacts for this VTReactor and related projects need to include: (Details below after outline)

1) The VTR and related projects, like the HALEAU fuel rod production underway at INL, relies on HEPA filters to contain radioactive particles. I submit DOE documents on "alpha recoil" that show HEPA filters can NOT contain uranium or plutonium particles! For an honest EIS, the true amount of exposure to plutonium and uranium must be revealed.

2) I have a FOIA that is 100 days overdue requesting the updated studies of this fatal flaw of HEPA filters, done at ORNL. In order to do the FIRST honest EIS ever, we need to know how many millions of radioactive particles leave the last filter into Idaho's air, lungs, crops and water.

3) The VTR and related projects,are subject to terrorism from disgruntled employees, including the cyber hacking experts at INL.. Presently DOE has refused my scoping questions on employee terrorism, claiming it simply will not happen! This denial must stop so include the damage they could do to so many families. A lover's triangle gone bad caused the first meltdown at INL. In recent times, INL has had armed guards barricade themselves, and an employee intentionally placed a plutonium laden HEPA filter in a public trash can! They walked this serious exposure inhalation threat from their building, into the public exposure! To pretend it won't happen is hiding the realistic danger of INL projects....

Extinction foretold.. Extinction ignored.. 

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