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Alaska seabird die-offs, now in their fifth year
Quote:Bird die-offs can happen once in a while naturally, but the magnitude of the losses and their persistence over five years is significant, said Kathy Kuletz of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

“Every year, it seems like there’s been a large die-off event of some kind, so that’s unusual,” said Kuletz, who heads the seabird section of the Fish and Wildlife Service’s Alaska migratory bird management program. “Seabirds are indicators of the ecosystem’s functions, if not ecosystem health. These are red flags that we have to pay attention to.”

[Image: Short-tailed-Shearwaters-Ikpek-Lagoon-in...cker-2.jpg]

Quote:Of the approximately 9,200 birds found as of last week from this year’s die-off, about 90 percent have been short-tailed shearwaters, Kuletz said.

We always ask what have we done because we don't know what we are doing.


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