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High Concentrations of Cesium-137

25th August 2019 - Ground-level nuclear disasters leave much more radioactive fallout than Tokyo is willing to admit


International concerns are growing over the Japanese government’s plans to provide meals from the Fukushima area to squads participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The starting point for the Olympic torch relay, and even the baseball stadium, were placed near the site of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

Due to accessibility issues, most of the forests that make up around 70% of Fukushima’s area have been left unaddressed. According to Japanese scholars, around 430 square kilometers of forest was contaminated with high concentrations of cesium-137. The danger of this forest cesium is that it will be carried toward residential or farm land by wind and rain, or that contaminated flora and fauna will be used in processing and distribution.


Quote from Article "The Fukushima disaster did not result in mass casualties"

This list of Fukushima fatalities and injuries, proves otherwise.



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