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Manipulated childhood cancer data hides radiation impact!

19th July 2019 - “Oops”: Manipulated childhood cancer data hides radiation impact, harms public health protection


Mishandling of data misleads future research and jeopardizes public health.

FMU is keeping some primary clinical and demographic data hidden, even from the oversight committees, despite the committees’ repeated requests that these data be shared. FMU shares analytical results that are derived from this data but these results are often manipulated – such as with comparisons to data from Chernobyl data that have been misrepresented. At the most recent press conference, June 3, 2019, committee members were asked to grade the conclusions of their report based on the information provided by FMU. They graded the report reliability at under 60%, citing lack of dose information and missing cases.

FMU often uses methodologies for data analysis that are unclear, illogical, and therefore unable to be explained (Makino, in publication) much less replicated. Attempts to correct some of these shortcomings have not fully succeeded. Much of the data uncertainty is only discernible to those with Japanese language skills. The datasets have never been published in their entirety in Japanese and the fact that data are missing has never been officially disclosed in English.


We repeatedly see governments around the world, with a vested interest in nuclear power, do anything they can to cover up and play down the seriousness of any nuclear accident, even if the cover up leads to the death of large numbers of men, women and children.

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