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Cesium Dose Response
Well, radionuclides being rather hard to detect is the most unfair part of the contamination complex.  Since cesium-137 mimics potassium in the body, saturating the body with potassium could prevent absorption of cesium-137.  From an article in Nuclear-News, https://nuclear-news.net/2015/09/16/pota...nd-cesium/
Quote:The experience and reports of Livermore National Labs in its attempts to remove radio cesium from food grown in the Bikini Atoll further reveal the nuclear lie. The main means of reducing radio cesium from food there involves the use of potassium fertilizer to displace cesium in the crops. It is of some, but limited success. As less than 1% of potassium is the radioactive isotopes of potassium and as the radioactive isotopes of potassium are much less radioactive per unit weight than radio cesium, there is an obvious radiological importance in using potassium to displace cesium from food.  
see https://marshallislands.llnl.gov/bikini.php


Geiger zombies and corruption are both in the lost world. Too bad, how sad. We didn't understand the natural world before we started deliberately poisoning it.  I think that D. Kitty's practical knowledge and experience might keep you all from staring into meters too long.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
studies show high concentrations of Cs137 in wood ash.   Its like Horse said...fallout contamination is everywhere.  Officials underestimate danger by 1000 times. Geiger measurements will not differentiate the source and dont tell the toxicity, thus the people are inadvertently misled.   Government is motivated by money and crony capitalism, not health and wellbeing. Scientists and the civilian population fall in line due to the psychological phenomenon called the authoritarian submissive embrace.   Thus the earth was lost...

"Cs-137 concentrations varied by a factor of about 200 (ranging from 79 pCi/k:g in California to 21,100 pCi/kg in New Hampshire). K-40 concentrations in ash varied by a factor of about 5 (ranging from 28,000 to 154,000 pCi/k:g). The potassium variation in ash does not explain the wide range of Cs-137 concentrations reported, nor does the approximate five-fold range of cumulative weapons test fallout across the United States There is a strong geographic variation. Data from 11 New England ash samples (Cs-137 mean measured at about 12,000 pCi/kg, K-40 mean measured at 80,000 pCi/kg) suggest Cs~l37 levels in trees are significantly higher than other regions of the United States. General ambient soil concentrations in New England are approximately 480 pCi/kg Cs-137 and 11,000 pCi/kg for K-40. This indicates a general New England ash to soil ratio of about 7 for K-40 and 25 for Cs-137, implying a Cs-137 uptake of 3.5 times that for potassium. "


1 picocurie per kilogram =
0.037 becquerels per kilogram
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout

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