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[ This EN is not related to power reactor operations but is very concerning. ]


On March 14, 2019 around 1430 CDT, Turner Industries Group, LLC was performing work in a permanent shooting cell.

Two industrial radiographers got into a verbal altercation,
which lead to one industrial radiographer cranking out a source onto the other industrial radiographer.

Dose reconstruction indicated less than 2 millirem/hr whole body to the one radiographer.
The first radiographer was twelve feet from the four Half-Value Layer (HVL) collimator and ran to a shielded condition within seconds after realizing the source had been cranked out.

The second radiographer was behind a shooting cell wall performing the crankout.

"The radiographer performing the crankout has been terminated and led off the property.
All access that he had has been revoked and access codes changed."

Louisiana Event Report ID No.: LA20190004

[ Why was the radiographer just fired and escorted off the site? ]
[ Seems he should have been arrested for attempted assault with intent to do bodily injury. ]
[ Of course they don't want this kind of behavior to reach the general public. ]  

[ Many examples of disgruntled or mentally imbalanced employess using their positions to infict pain on others. ]

A History of Crashes Caused by Pilots’ Intentional Acts |

[ No matter how much " defense in depth " systems and procedures are put in place if someone wants to cause problems
they will find a way to circumvent any safety systems. ]
[ The front line workers are the ones that know the vulnerabilities of any given facility. ]

[ It's not like those in the industry are the absolute best. ]

The Saga of Michael Buhrman and Landon Brittain |
Author: Lucas W Hixson October 25, 2013

[ The NRC's Event Notices frequently document the drug/alcohol use at nuclear facilities. ]
[ ref the thread GA_Vogtle_3_4_future_disaster for a PARTIAL list of Fitness For Duty violations at Vogtle. ]
[ notice they involve supervisory level positions and the fact they are trying to subvert the tests. ]
[ How many FFD violations go undetected on a daily basis? ]
[ How many construction delays and mistakes are attributed to FFD violations? ]

[ On this site ( Cafe Rad Lab ), are subsections recording the industry corruption and incompetence. ]
[ Illustrating the Corruption is one such thread. ]
[ US gov nuclear corruption - huge collection of info. ]
[ I've read some others but couldn't find them as I wrote this. ]

[ This site is becoming a vast repository of nuclear information both current and historical. ]
[ Be advised though that everything posted to CRL is but a fraction of available information. ]

[ On top of it all the industry is pushing for decreased scrutiny and self regulation. ]
Nuclear industry pushing for fewer inspections at plants |
By ELLEN KNICKMEYER March 14, 2019

[ How long will it be before some disgruntled employee whose cushy job is about to disappear
does something horrendous. ]

[ Not if, when. ]

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