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City: COLUMBIA   State: SC   County: RICHLAND



"On November 19, 2018, at approximately 1130 [EST],
a conversion area worker was cleaning up a spill of liquid uranyl fluoride (UO2F2) that can contain hydrofluoric acid (HF).

During the cleanup effort, some amount of this solution was able to come in contact with the worker's clothing
potentially impacting their skin on the legs above the ankle.

Appropriate treatment for exposure to HF was provided by onsite medical response staff.
When the operator attempted to exit the chemical side of the plant, radioactive material contamination was detected on both hands.

The contamination on both hands was above free release criteria and was unable to be removed by normal decontamination methods.
[ What does this mean? Have his hands been in contact with rad material for so long that it is no longer just skin surface contamination? ]

The worker was transported to an offsite medical facility accompanied by plant health physics personnel.
The worker was sent to the hospital for observation due to the potential chemical exposure.

"The Columbia plant is a licensed Part 70 facility subject to 10 CFR 70 Subpart H.

Spills within the conversion area of the plant are evaluated in the Integrated Safety Analysis and Summary.
[ Wonder how often spills are occurring that aren't being reported? ]

This issue does not challenge the performance requirements of 10 CFR 70.61.

"Operations staff finished cleaning up the spill.

At the time of this notification, the employee reported to management that they are awaiting discharge from the hospital.

This issue has been entered into the facility's corrective action program.

"24-Hour Event Notification based on 10 CFR 70.50(b)(3),
'An event that requires unplanned medical treatment at a medical facility of an individual with spreadable radioactive contaminationon the individual's clothing or body.'

Also applicable to this issue is a 24-Hour Event Notification based on 10 CFR 70 Appendix A©,
'Any event or situation, related to the health and safety of the public or onsite personnel, or protection of the environment,
for which a news release is planned or notification to other government agencies has been or will be made,
shall be reported to the NRC Operations Center concurrent to the news release or other notification.'
This issue requires notification to the South Carolina (SC) Department of labor, Division of Occupational Safety and Health."

The licensee has notified NRC Region 2.

[ Something not right. ]

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