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Quantum Pendant Scalar Technology

Quote:Claims that elevated natural background radiation levels lead to cancer or early childhood deaths are unjustified and misleading. The risk to the individual and society that is estimated by adhering to the LNT model is greater than the risk from doses and dose rates at which the LNT model cannot be validated.
Assumes cancer to be the only risk factor.  Mentions in conclusions early childhood deaths but I must have missed that in their studies analysis.  General term radiation used - what type?  I live in a region with a high natural background.  Not a statistical concern, ok, but I try not to camp on uranium mine tailings and you won't see me on the Rocky Flats nature trail.  Radon gas is a well known widespread problem and efforts are on-going to mediate the risk. The region does have the highest rates of MS in the country.  


Fixed the links.  Chores now, more later.
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