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Quantum Pendant Scalar Technology
Code, what I can make sense of is a complex RF communication system, various electronic circuits working together to receive and transmit information; a simple radio.  It helps me understand the electrical part of biology.  Different jargons and mechanisms but essentially the same functions being described.  To try to understand what an electron is and what it's properties are takes a toe dip into quantum mechanics.  Dive right in to quantum mechanics to understand sub-atomic beta and alpha particles where standard assumptions are still just assumptions.  Busby explains photons and theorizes.  He knows more than I do.  The link you gave didn't work for me though.  

Degree of danger, compare the pendant to a granite counter top.  Granite contains varying amounts of radioactive material.  Some granite might read quite high.  As Vital1 points out - What you see on your radiation test equipment display only shows part of the radiation that is present!  Dose coefficient as calculated by the ICRP was lowballed for the industry's protection, not for the protection of health.  Exposure dose would be more useful to determine the degree of danger.  
1.  What radioactive source you're exposed to.
2.  Distance from the source, external or internal exposure.
3.  Time, how long you're exposed.  
Use a dosimeter to measure your own personal absorbed dose of external ionizing radiation.  Avoid internal exposures.  Follow ECRR recommendations and dose coefficients instead of the ICRP's.  Watch the Olympics on TV instead of going to Japan.  Don't eat Chernobyl apples.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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