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Quantum Pendant Scalar Technology
(08-19-2018, 03:07 PM)Horse Wrote: Thorium is used in gas lantern mantles and considered safe enough for that commercial use.  Thorium has been used as an additive in filaments (as ThO 2 ) of magnetron tubes.  Natural thorium may also contain some uranium.  Both uranium and radium are electrical conductors.  Something else I found interesting was uranium is a semi-conductor material and in fact may be used as electronic devices get smaller; uranium might replace silicon and gallium/arsenic semiconductors.  Uranium could also be used to make more efficient solar panels.  
Thomas Meek

November/December 2008 - The Hidden Radioactive Danger of Mantle Lamps


Users of mantle lamps should especially avoid breathing in the particulate ash or getting any ash in their food. ("Thorium ash is very bad to inhale," Walter says, "as it simply sits in the lungs for months to years, and when it eventually gets into the blood, it goes directly to the bone, where—again—it stays for years.")

It's impossible, of course, to avoid some exposure while changing the mantles . . . however, since that procedure normally requires only a few minutes, the total risk is small (less than one chance in a million of a resulting cancer). By contrast, leaving a mantle in a pocket for hours at a time increases the risk of cancer considerably (up to one chance in 10,000).


Read the whole article it is very enlightening. Most people have no idea of the risks, or the law suite.

Wikipedia Extract:

Safety concerns were the subject of a federal suit against the Coleman Company (Wagner v. Coleman), which initially agreed to place warning labels on the mantles for this concern, and subsequently switched to using yttrium.


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