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Quantum Pendant Scalar Technology
I've seen many different pendants claiming to be protective of RF being offered at new age trade shows.  They often give free samples.  I never took the claims seriously because RF would just travel around them, you'd need to surround yourself with those things to block RF like a faraday cage protects electronics inside.  Had no idea some of these pedants are radioactive.  Glad I avoided them.  I searched online if thorium is electro-conductive but I couldn't find anything conclusive other than it can be used as a radiation shield.  Thorium is used in gas lantern mantles and considered safe enough for that commercial use.  Thorium has been used as an additive in filaments (as ThO 2 ) of magnetron tubes.  Natural thorium may also contain some uranium.  Both uranium and radium are electrical conductors.  Something else I found interesting was uranium is a semi-conductor material and in fact may be used as electronic devices get smaller; uranium might replace silicon and gallium/arsenic semiconductors.  Uranium could also be used to make more efficient solar panels.  
Thomas Meek
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