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More Hanford incompetence Aug 2018
20180808 | | Plutonium-contaminated equipment taken into Richland by mistake |

By Annette Cary August 08, 2018 03:58 PM Updated August 09, 2018 01:45 PM
Richland, WA

A radiologically contaminated piece of equipment left the Hanford nuclear reservation and was taken into north Richland by mistake, according to a message sent Wednesday afternoon to Hanford employees.

In the most recent incident. a worker assigned to Mission Support Alliance, which is responsible for rigging at Hanford,
removed the equipment from an area at the plant’s complex where radiological contamination might be present without checking it for radiation.
The worker believed the equipment had already been surveyed for contamination.
The area was designated a radiological buffer area.

The truck carrying the bar left the plant July 26 and drove to two places on the Hanford site and then to a contractor facility in north Richland.

The bar was checked there, and “low levels” of plutonium and other radioactive contamination were discovered, according to the message to employees.

No radioactive contamination has been found at any place where the truck traveled, according to the message.

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