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EPA data not on NETC
Hidden Data

NETC hasn't been reflecting the EPA radnet data for the past 3 or 4 days.

The problem may be related to changes made to the EPA data selector page.

The selector for the Station ID is no longer on the selector panel,
this may be causing the NETC data grabber to not be able to recognize the data fields correctly.

[ pic of selector ]
Why did they remove the Station ID selector field?

IMO it's to make the data inaccessible to the collection programs various people are running so that
people won't notice the uptick in the number of stations showing increased rad counts.

The data is there.
[ pic of data ]

The Cali wildfires are re-suspending the C137 deposited in the forests from Fuku.

The EPA didn't want to be blatant and turn off the entire system so they made a slight change to remove the data from view.
Later when the fires are out they can claim an oopsie and re-instate the station ID field.
Whatever the interface problem was between NETC and EPA has been resolved.

The station ID field is still missing from the data field selector panel on the EPA data query page.
The elimination of the station ID also makes it quite hard to double check if the data you received is actually what you wanted.
Also, the Dose Rate line, which replaced the Beta readings, is  messing up major portions of the gamma readings in all ranges for many of the 2018 sites. When I say messing up, I mean there ain’t any readings...just dose rate.
I also noticed they just last year added their 140th site, at Portsmith  ew Hampshire, which will monitor that  NPP nearby.

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