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New Hanford merry-go-rounnd
New Hanford merry-go-round starting.  

[ The bold declaratiions and setup. ]

EPA signs $200M remedy for 100 D and H Area at the Hanford Reservation Superfund Site - Kendra Wisner KNDO/KNDO Yakima/Kennewick -


Tri-City Herald, WA - Hanford plan will leave land so clean you could put a house on it, feds say - Annette Cary

Tri-City Herald, WA - Hiring begins for Hanford radioactive waste lab, with training at CBC - Annette Cary

[ aka Hunter Point Two - in 10 yrs and billions spent houses will have been built but evidence of falsified lab tests will
bring the habitability of the development into question. Discovery of hotspots will result in lawsuits and investigations.

[ While all this is going on, the exec's of the contracted companies will benefit hugely and live well while
the workers they conned into working there begin to experience a range of medical problems.

[ In the meantime, taxpayers aka the part of the population that can't afford tax shelters to avoid paying taxes, will pay for it all. ]

[ Pre-paid ride tickets must be paid for at the ride. ]

[ Maybe along the way they'll decide they can't build directly on it so they'll make it into a nature preserve ]
[ and offer 'unique hiking experience' tours. ]   

[ This is the ride that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. ]

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