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The Myth of Necessity - Bailout
Bailout - Need or Greed?

[ In 2017 Dominion ( the owners of Millstone in Connecticut ) tried to plead poor and get the state to provide financial support. In addition to rate payers balking at the idea was a consortium of other energy providers that viewed the bailout as an unfair advantage for such a large corporation. They hired an independent analyst group to study Millstones financials since Dominion refused to open the Millstone books. ]

[ Eventually the handout to Dominion was defeated. ]

[ This is a site they ran with a nice chronology of events. ]


[ This is the report they received. ]
[ It shows that Millstone was NOT in need of any financial assistance and is the most profitable NPS in the northeast. ]

April 2017
Financial Assessment Millstone Nuclear Power Plant [ 62 pgs ]

Based on the financial analysis described in this report, Millstone has been very profitable, including the past five years when natural gas and energy prices have been at their lowest levels.  Under a number of reasonable energy price outcomes for the next five years, Millstone is projected to continue to be profitable, generating positive cash flow under each scenario, including the unlikely scenario in which energy prices continue at 2016 “extraordinarily low” levels for the next five years.  

[ What's really interesting is this study by MIT. ]

Early Nuclear Retirements in Deregulated U.S. Markets: Causes, Implications and Policy Options
http://ceepr.mit.edu/files/papers/2017-009.pdf [ 36 pgs ]
by Geoffrey Haratyk March 2017

[ This is an analysis for the justification of subsidizing nuclear power stations. ]
[ I'm using it simply for the chart on Pg 8 showing the profit/loss per Mw/h for each unit/site. ]
[ The chart was to big to get a pic in one page so it's in two shots. ]
[ If you can't read the charts, right click on the image and select view image and you'll get a full screen inage. ]
[ I annotated the pics with other info about units having financial problems or closing. ]

[ In this screen shot we see the ranking of units that are profitable. ]


[ Notice that ALL the units in NY state were profitable yet the owners were able to con the state into a bailout. ]

[ In this shot we see those that are not profitable. ]


[ Notice the imbalance between the number of profitable units seeking bailouts/closing vs the unprofitable. ]

[ Now ain't that special, what a bunch of scam artists. ]

[ Given the profitability of some of the units makes one wonder why they are always breaking down. ]
[ The answer is because the owners take the profits and don't repair the units. ]

[ Since I first found and annotated the profit/loss chart Davis Besse, Perry and the Beaver Valley units have been added to the potential closing lists. I say potential because the threat of closure is used to scare the state governments into a bailout. The nuclear goons will also try to convince the general public that without those nuclear stations the power will go out. ]
Ive got a uranium disposition.   

I was moved to make a post after HHD's post here http://caferadlab.com/thread-3599-post-8...ml#pid8760


"...Last weekend, DOE Secretary Rick Perry sent “a world class team of certified health physicists” to do follow-up sampling.
Besides the DOE, other defendants include its contractors – Centrus Energy Corporation; United States Enrichment Corporation; Uranium Disposition Services"

 The shell game of government.   Its certainly no secret; suing the government is the same as suing the public, i.e. yourself. Not that people shouldnt be compensated for their losses or anything...

The DOE operates like the the law firm DSH; Dewey Screwem and Howe

They use your money to put Nuclear in business.  Then they use your money to "lower the cost" of nuclear power. Then they use your money to pay you damages.   ...IF you can prove their nuclear poison is harmful. They say there is no way you can determine this. Its just a stochastic roll of the dice, and the results are buried in the noise of background radiation.

billions and billions    $85,270,000,000
Nuclear Industry Subsidies

"Price Anderson Act  forces taxpayers to cover most of the estimated costs of a nuclear power catastrophe and allows the nuclear power industry to save an estimated $3 billion annually on insurance premiums"

" From 1947 through 1999 the nuclear industry was given over $115 billion in direct taxpayer subsidies. Including Price Anderson limitations on nuclear liability, the federal subsidies reach $145.4 billion. To put this in perspective, federal government subsidies for wind and solar totaled $5.7 billion over the same period. "

More Federal Subsidies

"The high capital costs and long construction times of reactors make new reactors prohibitively expensive unless they are heavily subsidized by taxpayers. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 contains over $13 billion dollars in new subsidies and tax breaks, as well as other incentives,"

Nuclear’s Fatal Flaws: Summary

The DOE...giving your money to businesses in support of nuclear.  https://www.energy.gov/ne/articles/us-de...awards-106

Price Anderson Act: The Billion Dollar Bailout for Nuclear
Power Mishaps


The story of the Price-Anderson Act: how Congress made nuclear power financially viable in the U.S. by eliminating accountability for risk

In July 2012, TEPCO received ¥1 trillion from the Japanese government in order to prevent collapse of the company 

Or you can go one step further...the fallout is on your land, so you own it!

TEPCO;  “Radioactive materials (such as cesium) that scattered and fell from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant belong to individual landowners there, not TEPCO,” 
"..in a ruling described as inconsistent by lawyers, the court essentially freed TEPCO from responsibility for decontamination work, saying the cleanup efforts should be done by the central and local governments.

But there was an income opportunity for the Japanese Mafia...so...never let a sick  zone go to waste.  When in doubt, create one!
The government also subsidizes other energy sources.  Ive noticed that pro nukers like to point out the subsidies per kilowatt-hour are much higher for wind and solar than nuclear.   Here is a graph of cumulative expenditures 

[Image: david-subsidies.jpg]

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