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Earth Changes
Thanks for the heads up, vital1. Love to you from California
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Hi d Kitty,

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Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!

Why are we seeing huge swings between hot, cold, dry and wet weather conditions, all over the world?

The information I provide below should help new people here get quickly up to speed on this subject.

As the Sun's Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) drops, and the Sun goes into a quiet phase. 

Historical evidence tells use that when the Sun goes into a Solar Minima, it creates dramatic climate and earth changes. These Sun induced changes will be in addition to the climate change already created by human industrial activity. You need to do research and start preparing for this. Study what happened during the Dalton Minima (years 1790 1820), or the more extreme Maunder Minima (years 1645 1715), to get an understanding of what could occur.

Quote from NASA Researcher:

“We see a cooling trend,” says Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center. “High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy. If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold.”


Polar Vortexes & Grand Solar Minima

During Solar Minima the upper atmosphere becomes more charged from very high energy galactic and intergalactic cosmic particles hitting the earth's upper atmosphere.

In this high altitude balloon testing chart from spaceweather.com, you can see that cosmic ray intensity has hit historic high levels in 2018.

[Image: stratosphere_california_strip.png]

One of the effects of increased cosmic rays is the upper atmosphere high speed jet streams at the North and South Poles start to wander more frequently from their normal relatively stable course.

As the Northern Hemisphere jet stream wanders South, it draws cold Arctic air with it, and on the other side of this much warmer tropical air can be drawn from the tropics much further North.

In this image you can see what a stable jet stream looks like compared to a polar vortex event.

(Image created by NOAA)

[Image: noaa-graphic_custom-bee49fec78c754752119...00-c85.png]

During a polar vortex event, a country as large as the US could have part of the country experiencing a heat wave, while the other part will be experiencing record cold temperatures.

This image shows how a solar vortex can create enormous temperature differences. Where the very hot and very cold air masses meet, you will see extreme weather events occur.

[Image: polar1.png?w=770&h=433]

Grand Solar Minima are historically associated with dramatic weather events. Examples are massive hail events, a year or month's worth of rain falling in a day, record snow, record hot and cold temperatures, plus way above the normal number of lightning strikes during storms. Tornadoes can appear in regions where you would not expect to see them. Deserts can see massive flooding or even snow, while other areas that are normally wet can experience droughts.

These earth changes happen so quickly and dramatically that farmers can't cope. This leads to massive crop losses, as we can see presently occurring on the worldwide crop loss map below. Click the map markers to get report details. These worldwide crop losses have been created by rapid and dynamically changing weather conditions, cold, heat, flooding, snow, hail and drought etc., over the last 12 months. As we go deeper into a Solar Minima, crop losses will intensify, because of an increasing number of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that are also triggered by the increasing cosmic rays intensity.

World Crop Loss Map

There is a lot of scientific discussion at present on how extreme this Solar Minima will be. Will it be similar to a milder Dalton, (years 1790 1820), or more like the extreme Maunder Minima (years 1645 1715). There is the possibility that this Grand Solar Minima will be even more extreme than both of these recent past Grand Solar Minima. The strength or weakness of the next eleven year solar cycle will provide an indication. The number of Sun spots define what is a minimum or maximum for a solar cycle.

[Image: 500px-Sunspot_Numbers.png]

Most governments are not up to speed on this new dynamic, and this will lead to a lot of people dying and worldwide instability because there have not been significant preparations put in place. We know what happened in the past during Grand Solar Minima. It is all there in plain sight in the historical record for anyone who takes the time to do some basic research on the subject.
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Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!


11th November 2019- Officials Are Using The Word “Disaster” To Describe The Widespread Crop Failures Happening All Over America


And even without this latest wave of bitterly cold weather, this was already going to be the worst year for U.S. agriculture that most people can remember.  The following are 12 examples of the crop disasters that we are witnessing right now…

I could have easily doubled the size of that list.  People all over the country are writing to me and telling me how bad things are in their areas, and ultimately all Americans will feel the pain of this crisis because all of us will soon be paying significantly higher prices for food at the grocery store.


https://electroverse.net/ has a list of recent extreme cold weather events that are occurring all around the world.

This isn't just about the cold. Australia is in the middle of a major drought at present, other countries are receiving record flooding rain. During solar minima, climate regions shift and weather conditions become very dynamic!  Food growing regions will shift. Some regions will go off line because of changing climatic conditions, while others will come on line.

Our problem is the lack of planning to prepare for these major climatic changes.


CafeRadLab  Free Guides and Resources For Everyone Here!

Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!

Here is a Comic ray intensity chart update from, https://spaceweather.com/ upper atmosphere balloon testing program.

[Image: e2s2_strip.png]

Extract from their site:

Radiation levels have been increasing almost non-stop since the monitoring program began, with recent flights registering the highest levels of all.

What's happening? The answer is "Solar Minimum"--the low point of the 11-year solar cycle. During Solar Minimum (underway now) the sun's magnetic field weakens and allows energetic particles from deep space to penetrate the Solar System. As solar activity goes down, cosmic rays go up; yin-yang.

When cosmic rays hit the top of Earth's atmosphere, they produce a spray of secondary particles and photons that rain down on Earth's surface. This is what our balloons measure--the secondary spray.
CafeRadLab  Free Guides and Resources For Everyone Here!

Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!

24th January 2020 - Chinese Coronavirus: What to Know & What to Do (2019-nCoV)

This new virus in China may become a dangerous pandemic, and you need facts and an action plan you can share with your family and the people you care about. The media is giving you some helpful information, this video will give you the rest.


Most of the environmental factors contributing to suppressed immune systems, in animals and humans listed  below, were not around during previous Solar Minimums.

1. Dramatic increase in cosmic rays entering our biosphere because of a weakening Sun. The cosmic ray intensity is at historic highs at present.

2. The huge and continuing releases of large amounts of ionizing radiation into the environment from the Fukushima catastrophe since 2011.

3. The earth's magnetosphere is also dramatically weakening.  The magnetosphere is the earth's first line of defense against incoming Solar radiation, and high speed cosmic radiation.

4. Greatly increased pollution levels particularly, in developing economies.

5. Factory farming, and GMO food has drastically reduced the nutritional value of the food being consumed.

6. Compared to the human evolutionary past, background levels of non-ionizing radiation from modern devices and telecommunication infrastructure, are now at huge levels above natural background.

All these factors greatly increase the chances of pandemics occurring in the human or animal populations. The African swine flu is a good example.

I would suggest it would be wise to do research on how to fortify your families immune systems, plus what to do during a major disease outbreak.

Listen to this recent interview with world leading virologist Dr Steven Hatfill, about coronaviruses and the new 2019-nCoV strain in China.

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Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!


27th January 2020 - A Plague Of “Billions” Of Locusts Threatens To Create A Horrific End Times Famine All Over Africa

Billions of locusts are eating everything in sight in east Africa right now, and every single day many more farms are being completely wiped out.  Unfortunately, authorities are telling us that what we have seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg.  In fact, if extreme measures are not implemented immediately, authorities are claiming that this locust plague could literally get “500 times” worse in a few months.  But it is difficult to imagine conditions getting any worse than they are at this moment.  Ravenous locust swarms that are “the size of cities” are consuming crops at a staggering pace, and this could potentially cause famine on the African continent that is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation has described the situation as “extremely alarming,” representing an “unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods in the Horn of Africa.”


Frightening and devastatingly for the people in Africa who are and will be affected by this locust plague!

CafeRadLab  Free Guides and Resources For Everyone Here!

Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!

Coronavirus Update

The information below is based on the presently available official statistics. It is from the Peak Prosperity Youtube  video below. Which I suggest you should watch!

The case fatality rate -  the new nCoV virus compared to the average common flu.

Flu = 0.1%

nCoV = 3% or higher

RO - represents the average number of people infected by one other infected person.

Flu = 1.28

nCoV = 2.5 to 3.5

Serious Complication Rate - the percentage of people infected who will need intensive medial care. ICU

Flu = < 1%

nCoV = ~ 20%


This information indicates that a significant outbreak in any country could quickly overwhelm that country's healthcare system, as we are already seeing in China. Hence why Chinese authorities have put such a huge effort into locking down the country to stop the spread of the virus.

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Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!

Coronavirus COVID-19, first line of defense!

It is my opinion, as the Coronavirus virus spreads around the World, a number of governments will hide the true infection numbers. They will do this to shield their economies against the resulting economic shock that would result by them revealing the true numbers. This could work if the infected numbers remain manageable.

If they loose control, and the infection numbers dramatically increase all of a sudden, you could find your everyday life turned upside down. Within a very short period of time large parts of your country, towns or districts could be placed under quarantine.

This may not happen in your location. Lets hope it doesn't. If it does, having the proper knowledge, skills and equipment on hand will greatly improve your family's chances of of avoiding infection. Do research, bookmark, printout, and download instructional information that will provide your family with the necessary is knowledge and skills.

Example, lets start with preventing infection, good hygiene is your family's first line of defense!

As the Coronavirus spreads Worldwide large numbers of people are purchasing, goggles, gloves, masks, sanitizers and disinfectants etc.

That maybe a great idea, but next to useless exercise if you don't know how to sanitize, or use the equipment correctly!

The skills provide in the instruction videos below could significantly improve your family member's chances of avoiding infection.

It is better for all the members of your family to practice and master these techniques now, than wait until the last minute. Remember, for this to work, all the family members will need to work together as a well oiled team.

Don't just rely on the information presented here, do more research, as there is much more you will need to know.

Firstly and most importantly keep your hands away from your face!

You think you have been washing you hands correctly all these years? Well sorry to say the vast majority of you haven't been!

Germ Smart - How To Wash Your Hands

I would also suggest that you stop wearing hand jewellery, watches, false nails or nail varnish, plus keep your nails as short a possible. Doing this will significantly improve the effectiveness of using this hand washing technique.

Phone Soap Tested on Discovery Channel

With just about everyone addicted to their mobile phone, it would be a very good idea to learn how to sanitize it properly. These devices can be a significant vector in the spread of a contagion. Use speaker phone, texting  and avoided placing it on your head or face. Stop using it, or limit its use to absolutely essential calls if possible.

If you touched the outside of the Phone Soap device with your hands as you placed the phone into the device, you will then need to also sanitize the outside of the Phone Soap device, and your hands before removing the phone. There are a number of other phone and tablet sanitizing systems out there that are based on wipes and cloths, that you could research.

Medical Respirators N95 Fitting Instructions

To get a good seal of a facial mask like this, it will be important for men to remove facial hair.

There are detailed written instructions in the "Show More" description area under the video.

Face Mask vs Respirator Comparison by 3M

Eye Protection

With the potential for COVID-19 to infect through the eyes, it will be import to use whatever eye protection you have available, goggles, wrap around safety glasses, sunglasses, ordinary glasses etc.

Putting on Sterile Gloves

Again, I would also suggest that you also stop wearing hand jewellery, watches, false nails and keep your finger nails as short a possible. These sharp items can puncture the gloves.

Proper Disposable Glove Removal

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Obviously, most of you will not be wearing a full PPE kit. It is still very important to know in what order and how to remove the equipment that you are wearing.

Cleaning and Sanitizing (Food Preparation Areas)

How to Properly Disinfect Surfaces to Kill Germs

This is a commercial product video, I have put it in this list because it provides important information.

Look around your environment for those surfaces that are frequently touched by people. They are the surfaces that will need to be sanitized often. Some surfaces can be damaged by some cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, particularly electronic devices, so do your research first before applying!


6 Cleaning Products Combinations To NEVER Mix

Toilet Seat

Put the toilet lid down before flushing the toilet. This will help contain potential aerosol contaminated water droplets from entering the home, or business environment.

Wash your hands with soap and water after going to the toilet, touching a pet, before preparing a meal or eating, before smoking, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing into your hands etc.

This recent study shows how very important regular hand washing with soap and water is in preventing infection, and preventing the spread of a global pandemic! There should be way more up front and visible public education on the importance of hand washing.

Washing your hands properly and regularly is extremely important!!!

This recent study shows how very important hand washing with soap and water is in the prevention of infection, and preventing the spread of global epidemics! There should be way more up front and visible public education on the importance of hand washing in the prevention of disease.

23rd December 2019 - Hand‐Hygiene Mitigation Strategies Against Global Disease Spreading through the Air Transportation Network

Abstract Extracts:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) consider hand hygiene as the most efficient and cost‐effective way to limit disease propagation.

Here, we use epidemiological modeling and data‐driven simulations to elucidate the role of individual engagement with hand hygiene inside airports in conjunction with human travel on the global spread of epidemics. We find that, by increasing travelers engagement with hand hygiene at all airports, a potential pandemic can be inhibited by 24% to 69%.


This is just the basics!

Please feel free to post replies to the link  below with any additional information or instructional videos you feel would be helpful to everybody.


If we work together as a team, we will be able to accomplish a lot in a much shorter period of time.
CafeRadLab  Free Guides and Resources For Everyone Here!

Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!


If implemented early, Social Distancing can potentially significantly lower the fatality rate off patients and medical staff during a pandemic.

13th March 2020 - Coronavirus fears prompt health officials to ask Australia's leaders to ban events with more than 500 people.


A senior West Australian doctor has called for all schools to be closed soon and for there to be no crowds allowed at events as the coronavirus spreads, declaring he wants his colleagues to stay alive. Coronavirus claims Coast event as others hang in balance

WA Australian Medical Association (AMA) president Andrew Miller posted on social media: "You want to go to the footy? I want my colleagues to stay alive."


Why, in this article, are these doctors saying they want their colleagues to stay alive?

This is why!

Look to Italy as an example. They have one of the best hospitals systems in the world. Their hospitals are well equipped, and they were prepared. The Italian public were also told everything was fine. They had two cases a month and a half ago.

  On the 30th January 2020, had two Chinese tourists who test positive for COVID-19.

  By 24th February  2020, Italy had 229 confirmed cases and 6 fatalities.

  On the 8th March 2020, Italy locked down a region with a population of 16 million people. By this time the number of           confirmed cases had risen to 6,387 and deaths had risen to 366.

  By 9th March 2020,  Italy went into whole country lock down.

  On 10th March 2020, there were 10,149 confirmed cases and 631 deaths.

Their hospitals systems are now completely overloaded because the virus infection rate is exponential. Their staff are exhausted. They can't treat all the patients. In situations like this, medical staff contract the virus. If you look around the Internet, top Italian medical doctors are telling everyone please don't make the same mistakes we made.

If you don't implement social distancing early in an outbreak, a country's hospital systems can become totally overwhelmed very quickly. This means the fatality rate will increase by a factor of five to ten times or more.

If you implement social distancing in the very early stages of the outbreak, the hospital system has a chance. It spreads the load of infected patients over a longer period of time. This means that the hospitals and staff have a better chance to treat everyone effectively.

Social distancing means a lot more people and medical staff end up surviving the contagion, because many more people were able to get good medical care.

[Image: social-distancing-what-it-is-and-750x422.jpg]

During a pandemic you don't need to wait for a government directive to implement proper social distancing, start implementing it immediately. The sooner social distancing is implemented, the more lives will be saved. Watch this 6.29 minute video. This is what we all need to do. Our personal actions can potentially save a lot of lives.

16th March 2020 - Why fighting the coronavirus depends on you

CafeRadLab  Free Guides and Resources For Everyone Here!

Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!

A Doctor Explains How to Make the Safest Face Mask

A doctor explains how to make the safest face mask. This is a safe face mask that if built properly should be donated to your local emergency services. It utilizes a HEPA filter, which is much, much better than a cotton mask.


Directions for making masks: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fW_Qrv_...OY2Fu/view

Mask patterns: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gaiM3yZ...cEu5H/view

Reusing Manufactured Medical Masks

1. It was found that dry heat disinfection (heating at 70 ℃ for 30 minutes) had the least effect on damaging the filtering mechanism, and the filtering effect could be maintained above 95%.

2. The disinfection method of spraying alcohol on the mask will destroy the electrostatic absorption of the mask, causing filtering efficiency of the mask lowering below 95%.

3. Other methods such as steamer damp heat method and high-pressure high temperature sterilization methods also made the filtering efficiency of the mask lower than 95%.In addition, high temperature and high-pressure method makes the mask seriously deformed.

4. The new coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and ultraviolet disinfection does not affect the filtration efficiency of respirators. However, the inactivation effect of viruses in mask fibers, which cannot be directly observed, is unknown. Therefore, it is not recommended.



Other DIY Mask Alternatives

Instructional video for sewing the Olson mask (COVID-19)


Updated pattern and more information can be found at: https://www.unitypoint.org/cedarrapids/sewing-surgical-masks.aspx

Just want the PDF of the pattern go here: https://www.unitypoint.org/cedarrapids/f...%20V07.pdf

How to make your own mask: Hong Kong scientists reveal temporary solution for those unable to get protective gear because of panic buying and price-gouging

CafeRadLab  Free Guides and Resources For Everyone Here!

Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!


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