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Coronavirus COVID-19, first line of defense!

It is my opinion, as the Coronavirus virus spreads around the World, a number of governments will hide the true infection numbers. They will do this to shield their economies against the resulting economic shock that would result by them revealing the true numbers. This could work if the infected numbers remain manageable.

If they loose control, and the infection numbers dramatically increase all of a sudden, you could find your everyday life turned upside down. Within a a very short period of time large parts of your country, towns or districts could be placed under quarantine.

This may not happen in your location. Lets hope it doesn't. If it does, having the proper knowledge, skills and equipment on hand will greatly improve your family's chances of of avoiding infection. Do research, bookmark, printout, and download instructional information that will provide your family with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Example, lets start with preventing infection, good hygiene is  your family's first line of defense!

As the Coronavirus spreads Worldwide large numbers of people are purchasing, goggles, gloves, masks, sanitizers and disinfectants etc.

That maybe a great idea, but next to useless exercise if you don't know how to sanitize, or use the equipment correctly!

The skills provide in the instruction videos below could significantly improve your family member's chances of avoiding infection.

It is better for all the members of your family to practice and master these techniques now, than wait until the last minute. Remember, for this to work, all the family members will need to work together as a well oiled team.

Don't just rely on the information presented here, do more research, as there is much more you will need to know.

Firstly and most importantly keep your hands away from your face!

You think you have been washing you hands correctly all these years? Well sorry to say the vast majority of you haven't been!

Germ Smart - How To Wash Your Hands

I would also suggest that you stop wearing hand jewelery, watches, false nails or nail varnish, plus keep your nails as short a possible. Doing this will significantly improve the effectiveness of using this hand washing technique.

Phone Soap Tested on Discovery Channel

With just about everyone addicted to their mobile phone, it would be a very good idea to learn how to sanitize it properly. These devices can be a significant vector in the spread of a contagion. Use speaker phone, texting  and avoided placing it on your head or face. Stop using it, or limit its use to absolutely essential calls if possible.

If you touched the outside of the Phone Soap device with your hands as you placed the phone into the device, you will then need to also sanitize the outside of the Phone Soap device, and your hands before removing the phone. There are a number of other phone and tablet sanitizing systems out there that are based on wipes and cloths, that you could research.

Medical Respirators N95 Fitting Instructions

To get a good seal of a facial mask like this, it will be important for men to remove facial hair.

There are detailed written instructions in the "Show More" description area under the video.

Face Mask vs Respirator Comparison by 3M

Eye Protection

With the potential for COVID-19 to infect through the eyes, it will be import to use whatever eye protection you have available, goggles, wrap around safety glasses, sunglasses, ordinary glasses etc.

Putting on Sterile Gloves

Again, I would also suggest that you also stop wearing hand jewellery, watches, false nails and keep your finger nails as short a possible. These sharp items can puncture the gloves.

Proper Disposable Glove Removal

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Obviously, most of you will not be wearing a full PPE kit. It is still very important to know in what order and how to remove the equipment that you are wearing.

Cleaning and Sanitizing (Food Preparation Areas)

How to Properly Disinfect Surfaces to Kill Germs

This is a commercial product video, I have put it in this list because it provides important information.

Look around your environment for those surfaces that are frequently touched by people. They are the surfaces that will need to be sanitized often. Some surfaces can be damaged by some cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, particularly electronic devices, so do your research first before applying!


6 Cleaning Products Combinations To NEVER Mix

Toilet Seat

Put the toilet lid down before flushing the toilet. This will help contain potential aerosol contaminated water droplets from entering the home, or business environment.

Wash your hands with soap and water after going to the toilet, touching a pet, before preparing a meal or eating, before smoking, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing into your hands etc.

This recent study shows how very important regular hand washing with soap and water is in preventing infection, and preventing the spread of a global pandemic! There should be way more up front and visible public education on the importance of hand washing.

Washing your hands properly and regularly is extremely important!!!

This recent study shows how very important hand washing with soap and water is in the prevention of infection, and preventing the spread of global epidemics!

There should be way more up front and visible public education on the importance of hand washing in the prevention of disease.

23rd December 2019 - Hand‐Hygiene Mitigation Strategies Against Global Disease Spreading through the Air Transportation Network

Abstract Extracts:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) consider hand hygiene as the most efficient and cost‐effective way to limit disease propagation.

Here, we use epidemiological modeling and data‐driven simulations to elucidate the role of individual engagement with hand hygiene inside airports in conjunction with human travel on the global spread of epidemics. We find that, by increasing travelers engagement with hand hygiene at all airports, a potential pandemic can be inhibited by 24% to 69%.


Please feel free to post below any additional information or instructional videos you feel would be helpful to everybody.
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