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Free Books, Fracking, & DNA Damage, Southern Hemisphere October 2020 Background Level
Free Books on Personal Development

Below are links to a couple of free Internet books.  I worked in the medical field for a number of years and also conducted private research on mind and body communication enhancement. In this research I designed, built and experimented with advanced technologies. These two Internet books where written to pass on to  present and future generations the core knowledge that came out of the research and experimentation in this field. The books are totally free, and you can pass the books and information they contain to anyone you like.

Take into account these books were written at a time when the Internet was very slow, and primitive, so there are no slick fancy graphics or animation by today standards. They where designed as a quick guide on these subjects. Hundreds of thousands of people have read these books over the years. I hope they assist you and your family in navigating these difficult times. Stay safe and well.

Stress Management, learn how to conserve your life energy.


Power Positive Thinking, learn how to efficiently focus your life energy.



23rd October 2020 - Greenpeace Warns 'Potential Damage to Human DNA' at Risk With Japan's Plan to Dump Fukushima Water Into Ocean


According to the report,

If the contaminated water is discharged to the Pacific Ocean, all of the carbon-14 will be released to the environment. With a half-life of 5,730 years, carbon-14 is a major contributor to global human collective dose; once introduced into the environment carbon-14 will be delivered to local, regional, and global populations for many generations.

Contrary to the understanding of the Japanese government, water that contains large quantities of radioactive carbon-14 (as well as the other radioactive isotopes including strontium-90 and tritium) can only be described as contaminated.


It is important for the health of the whole planet that this radioactive contaminated water must be prevented from being released into the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese government want to use the already stressed Pacific Ocean as a cheap dump for the environmental disaster waste they are responsible for. They have been running a public relations campaign for years now claiming that this radioactive water only contains tritium, when in fact it contains a radioactive soup of different harmful isotopes.


USA Fracking Report

14th October 2020 - Researchers find elevated radiation near U.S. fracking sites


Areas within 20 kilometers (12 miles) downwind of 100 fracking wells tend to have radiation levels that are about 7% above normal background levels, according to the study, which examined thousands of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s radiation monitor readings nationwide from 2011 to 2017.

“The increases are not extremely dangerous, but could raise certain health risks to people living nearby,” said the study’s lead author, Petros Koutrakis.

Radioactive particles can be inhaled and increase the risk of lung cancer.


How much evidence do people need to show that fracking seriously damages the environment, and is hazardous to those people who live and work near these operations.


Southern Hemisphere October 2020 Background Level Report

Station location.

[Image: Australian-Map.jpg]

This short animation of Northern and Southern Hemisphere air circulation shows why we can get detections so far south.


October 2020 day average background chart.  (Month Average 109 cpm)

October saw rather volatile swings in local background levels. This is our storm season, and when storms pass through during this time of the year, local area radon levels tend to increase. These radon increases occur when we get northern tropical air flows off the Pacific Ocean.  I have set up a local live Radon detector, and I can see all this happening in real time, as the storms pass through the area.

October 2020 Background Level Chart


A page has been set up on the Sunshine Coast Computer Club Inc., web site so members can view the local live radiation monitoring station information. This local live radiation monitoring station is publicly available.


Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can produce false readings. Do not rely on, or take action upon information presented on this web site, without further research.
CafeRadLab  Free Guides and Resources For Everyone Here!

Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!

This is what we need more of here.

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