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Radiation Leak Russia, Southern Hemisphere Radiation Report

4th February 2020- In Dimitrovgrad, radiation leaks occurred. Residents bought up drugs with iodine

(Below is a Google translation of this report.)


There is information that yesterday there was a slight pollution of the snow due to the leakage of a radioactive substance. However, employees of the enterprise report that the radiation level is not exceeded. Yesterday, city residents were asked not to leave their homes. Today, due to an emergency, some of the employees in RIAR did not go to work, Khvorov described the situation.

The Ulyanovsk media also reported that yesterday, due to the leakage of radioactive substances at RIAR, the children were not allowed to leave the city on time. According to official data, now the radioactive background in RIAR itself and beyond does not exceed the norm.


If anyone finds anymore information about this incident, please post it here.

Here is the google map location of Dimitrovgrad in Russia.




Southern Hemisphere January 2020 Background Level Report

Station location


This short animation of Northern and Southern Hemisphere air circulation, shows why we can get detections so far south.


January 2020 day average background chart. (Month Average 110 cpm)

At this location radiation levels have been very stable, compared to the wild swings detected just after 3/11.

[Image: Caloundra-local-average-background-radia...y-2020.jpg]

Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can produce false readings. Do not rely on, or take action upon information presented on this web site, without further research.
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Not much information coming out, but we did start a thread... http://caferadlab.com/thread-3774-lastpost.html

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