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iphone11 twice the allowable radiation emitted

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Radiation Level is Twice the Federal Safety Limits – Study Claims

Feb. 05, 2020
According to a study commissioned by Penumbra Brands, it is found out that the radiation emitted from the iPhone 11 Pro is more than the Federal Safety Limits which is dangerous to consumers. The results tabulated by RF Exposure Lab has revealed that the radiation from Apple’s flagship smartphone is more than twice the safety limit.

Well, this is something very serious considering the amount of damage it causes to the users and when the test was performed with the iPhone 11 Pro located around 5mm away from a mannequin. The RF Exposure Lab noted that radiation exposure can be more pronounced if the phone is in the user’s pocket.
HHD, my Samsung Galaxy 10 puts out a helluva lot more RF than the Galaxy 7 it replaced.
The G.7 met reasonable standards,  but rhe new one actually pegs my meter.
I damn well know such high levells violate industry regs.
It seems like the ol "rule of law" last 3 years or so has lost the last shreds of it's fig leaf pretentions .
don't stir up the hot particles
There are lots of Smartphone models that are exceeding the regulatory SARs levels by huge amounts, when they are in contact with the body.

Shockingly the potential exposure levels for children are through the roof!

Read this post here for more details.

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Submitted Historic Case Against U.S. Government for Children Injured by Wireless Technology Radiation

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is leading a historic legal action against the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for its refusal to review their 25 year old guidelines, and to promulgate scientific, human evidence-based radio frequency emissions (“RF”) rules that adequately protect public health from wireless technology radiation. The Petition contends the agency’s actions are capricious and not evidence-based. The Petition was filed on 2/2/2020 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

The Petitioners include parents of children injured by wireless devices, a mother whose son died from a brain tumor from cell tower exposure, physicians who see the epidemic of sickness in their clinics and Professor David Carpenter, a renowned scientist.

A fundamental question;  why do we always need to sue the government to stop poisoning the public?
Hi Code, wild guess, because they make the laws that enables/protect the omnicidal monopolizing of wealth..?

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