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WEBCAM May 2020
Felibi, relaxing a lockdown does sound funny.  De-confinement would be liberty, no?  In America we would use the word freedom.  Freedom from medical tyranny would be liberation.  Americans haven’t got to the point where they can laugh at themselves yet.  A free Press would certainly help.  Alas, no freedom or liberty for any of us with no money for our worth.  Hunkered down, I sometimes get to feeling it has been the end of the world.  Then I turn on a TV and see all the Covid propaganda, yup, the world might as well have ended.  C’est la vie.  A real nice web you caught there, watching them move is hypnotic.  I saw the sprayer running around Unit 1 most of a day.  I caught a brief glimpse of a small blue crane on cam4.  In the rain drenched view it looked like a sea monster bobbing its head up and down for a couple minutes.  I think it was just the crane operator sneaking into view to let us know they were back to work.  It broke the monotony for a bit.  I’m trying to stay relaxed in the lockdown.  It’s just too funny.  

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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