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H2 from Oil Sands
for eons the living world flourished solely on solar energy.  The tallest trees in the most majestic forests were made from solar energy.  The land and oceans teemed with small and gigantic animal life, all existing on solar energy.  Then one particular ape species looked for more energy.  That ape burned trees.   Then he turned to digging up oil and coal.  The great giant trees were cut down,  the forests leveled and turned into science fiction nightmares of cattle ranching, an animal that ape liked to eat.  In a historic instant, the skies were polluted, the ocean became toxic, the land turned from green to desert.  80% of animals and 50% of plants were decimated by this particular ape species.  https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content...fe-report/

This ape did not notice that 75% of the butterflies have vanished,  he did not care that the oceans had 10 times as many great blue whales just a few years ago, he did not realize that he was killing the very life that gave him life. This amazing ape was not content with solar energy, believing that exploiting every last energy source was essential for his quality of life.  Many of them even believed that their ape life was not possible on solar alone.  Thus, the living world was ruined, and the ape died en masse in utter misery.   Not all stories have happy endings...thats how the universe rolls

[Image: serveimage?url=http:%2F%2Fd3e1m60ptf1oym...1a4a0183a1]
The SUN was not enough for human apes!  "the sun is not enough energy, not enough" they cried

Desertification Crisis Affecting 168 Countries Worldwide, Study Shows
Severe land degradation is now affecting 168 countries across the world

The Sahara was once green
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout

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