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The Politics of Radiation Standards
By: Associated Press
PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona water regulators have rejected an application by an electric company to use groundwater to cool the nuclear power plant west of Phoenix because the water is already being used.

The Arizona Republic reported Monday that the state Department of Water Resources denied the request from Arizona Public Service Company to use the water and study it as an alternative to expensive reclaimed water because it is being used.

Department officials say the permit requires water has no other beneficial use.

Company officials say the permit would allow them to blend groundwater with the treated waste water from the 91st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Officials say they are looking for cost-effective solutions for water to power the nuclear plant in the future.


Palo Verde produces electric power for several of the American Southwest’s most densely populated areas, including Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles and San Diego.

The plant is unique among American power plants as its desert location puts it away from major bodies of water, and the plant uses treated municipal sewage to provide cooling liquid for its operations.

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